How to Make Your Wife/Girlfriend Happy part 2 of 4 Treating Her Right

How to Make Your Wife and Girlfriend Happy part 2 of 4 Treating Her Right


Treat her with dignity

Treating your girl with dignity means treating her the way that you would want to be treated. Don’t swear at her, manipulate her, use her for your own benefit, or shoot down her ideas. Making her as happy as possible is a goal, so it’s not going to happen overnight. But work toward it slowly, and try as hard as you can, even if you don’t succeed.
Always stand up for her no matter what. Sticking up for her shows her that you are on her side, and that you’re willing to take a public stand for her, which isn’t easy.
At the same time, don’t put yourself in an impossible situation. If she’s having an argument with her parents right in front of you, you probably don’t want to take a stand and risk upsetting her parents (who might control a lot about her life). Stay out of family matters as much as possible, but give her backup when she asks for it.
Don’t argue in public and cause a scene. This will humiliate her and you; she’ll think twice about going out with you again. Stay calm when you have a fight, try as much as possible not to let your emotions take over, and treat her the way that you want to be treated. Keep your voice down, don’t yell at her, and expect to apologize, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. An apology goes a long way. Also, call her even if she hangs up. Nothing tells a woman “I want this to work” than a simple phone call.

 Share your everyday events and thoughts with your girl

Being open and communicative makes her feel like you want her in your life. Being intimate isn’t just about getting to know her body; it’s also about sharing the things that happen to you, and going through them together.
On the same note, listen to her advice, even if you don’t agree. Force yourself to listen and to see her reasoning. Keep an open ear and an open mind. She’ll reward you with all of her love.
Even if you don’t have much to say, let her in on what you’re thinking. If you’re the strong, silent type, she may misinterpret your feelings for her. Let her know what you’re thinking so that she doesn’t get the wrong idea.

 If she wants to pay for something, let her

Just make sure that the roles aren’t reversed. She goes through a lot to look nice for you, and do sweet things for you, so try to pay for majority of things when you get the chance. This isn’t about the money. It’s about showing her that you care enough to treat her on occasion. It doesn’t have to be all the time, and don’t be flashy about it or act like it’s a big deal. Letting her know your money is hers as well and vice versa says a lot to her. When she pays for occasional dates for you, it is her way of saying I care about your finances and want to care for you as well. Don’t take those moves for granted, be appreciative

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