Dating The Right Person: 6 Ways To Know If You’re Dating The Right Person



1. You can fight with each other

Because you know that one fight is not a be-all, end-all. You are strong enough to know, even in the heat of the moment, that ultimately you will be able to work it out. If you are always scared to say the right thing,or your mind without leading to some beating and fight that might never end then you are definitely not dating the right person

2. Talking about the future isn’t weird

It’s not like you’re planning the intricacies of your hypothetical wedding, but you both have a quiet assumption that this is a lasting thing, and that you can see a future in five years, ten years, or even forever. The specifics of “talking about the future” will always be different depending on how long you’ve been together and what your beliefs are on marriage and family, but this is the important part: when you talk differently about marriage and family and you both always end in the same page but be careful if when you talk one goes to the east and the other ends up in the west

3. You trust them completely

If there is no trust,there is no relationship. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be moved when we see our partners with the opposite sex because that might show there was no love involved, but you should be able to know your partner,know what they can do and what they can’t do. If the trust you have for your spouse isn’t up to 80% then is better you don’t go further in the relationship because you will end up fighting most of the times. Insecure

4. They are always on your team

Something happened one day, I wasn’t around,so a friend came around and asked my girlfriend for some advice and she gave her. When I came back the friend asked me for some advice too on the same issue and funny I gave the same advice as my girlfriend, funny right? He was shocked,well,everybody was shocked. What I’m trying to say is, you must always support each other as a team ,this can be as dumb as “liking” your lame-ass joke on Facebook, or supporting you in a new career move, even if it means there will be temporary distance between you guys. This means that they are in your corner even when you are wrong, either gently helping you figure out that you are wrong or supporting you when you are right. They don’t speak ill of you to their friends, and you don’t say anything bad about them, either (your business is nobody but each other’s, anyway). If you have done it together for some time,I tell you will be in each others head, almost saying,doing and picking the same thing or colour

5. You have fun together

People might not see this as important but its actually very important. Some times relationship/marriage could be boring especially to the ladies”the full house ones mostly”. But when you and your partner can have fun doing anything. The mundane regular activities are suddenly enjoyable. You can grocery shop, take long drives, and watch stupid movies together without it being boring. This little things makes relationship stronger and allow us to share our feelings

6. Putting you first

Putting you first doesn’t mean he/she will allow you control his/her life, what it means here is that, in any decision they want to take or they make, they consider how their partner will feel about it. Happy or Sad? If you are in a relationship and the person doesn’t care about your feeling for whatever they do, then you should have a rethink. I won’t tell you want to do. For example: I brought somebody to spend some time with us without considering my wife or in a relationship case, I brought somebody to my place to be staying with me without considering my girlfriends feelings. Hell NO, so wrong

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