LOVE BOOK 2 (Good Guys Are Rare)

LOVE BOOK 2 (Good Guys Are Rare)
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My Girlfriend hates me. She said I am the worst guy she had ever fallen for. Before me, she had met several guys who took her golden heart for granted. One made her considered becoming a nun. But the fact that her father was faithful to her mum before and after marriage, made her believe that one day she will meet the right one who would make her quest worth it.

Her exes pretended they care at least until she could no longer take them. As for me, I don’t. I am all for the sex and fun a relationship can give. Will I get married and bear children of my own. I intend to but not for love. For pro creation, love to me doesn’t exist in ladies dictionary. They are complicated beings that don’t even know what they want.

When will I get married then? I don’t know. There is still enough time to enjoy the fun a relationship can give. I am only thirty and a good looking marketer that works in an IT (information technology) Firm.

Ladies love me now. For my pimping I guess. I visit my barber four times a week to make sure I am cleanly shaved, my dress sense always on point. I don’t go out except my standing mirror gives me a green light. My car, always sparkling that my boss always call me to take him out for his lunch break in which I get whatever he orders. He enjoys my company. Everyone does. Except the ladies I now have on my Ex list, both in my office and outside.

I still remember Lucy and Joy vividly; two best friends that works as Siamese twins. My colleagues and assignment partners always want more of me which I am not ready to give to any lady. No one predicted they would ever separate as friends. First, it was Lucy. She played hard to get at first but my never ending woes hooked her to my magnet. She kept pushing for a serious thing that the whole office should know, but i refused and made it clear to her that I will never be committed to any woman. Finally she gave up on the relationship because she couldn’t take me hitting other girls and not hiding it like some do.

Joy who had been making advances that I had been ignoring got her chance. We made it a secret until she got her share of what Lucy experienced and made our relationship known to everyone in the office and how I mistreat ladies. Lucy feeling disappointed break every ties they had as friends. Both girls left my marketing team to others. I didn’t bother because i am used to girls fighting and quarreling over me.

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Months later, a lady got transferred from our branch office at Abuja to replace Lucy who was transferred to same branch she came from. Before I could get to meet Sophia, Joy had already filled her in about me and given her reasons to stay away from my team. The more Joy tried, the closer we got. Two months later, we started dating. She was different from all other girls I have met. The perfect girl for any man looking for a wife, I wasn’t looking for one but I couldn’t help giving her the credit even though I hurt her. She always sees the good in everyone no matter how bad they were. Every time we spend together reminds me of the former me before this person I have turned to.

I was what you would call a good guy. I read my Bible day and night and live my life with the Bible quotation “don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you”. My friends called me Pastor Desmond. I always defend the ladies and stand to the opinion that they are to be treated like treasures and not hoes (prostitutes). This made them laugh and hail me more with the pastor title they gave me.

While my friends will be having the fun of their lives changing girls, I kept my faith and opinion about how relationships should be. This made me the ladies favourite friend. Whenever they came to me complaining about a broken heart, I always find words to comfort them and dry their tears with my shoulders when it is required. I get “Desmond you are a good guy, your girlfriend and wife to be will enjoy you” always, but none of them agree to date me whenever I ask them out. Not that I don’t dress well or am not presentable, the only fault I had was that, I was a good guy. Only suitable to be friend zoned.

These changed at 300 level when Jennifer same department (Marketing) agreed to date me after several failed relationships with different guys.

I remember asking her out at 100 level only to be turned down and friend zoned. Why now I don’t know. I only know it was my first relationship and I thought it would be my last. At the beginning of the relationship, Jennifer insisted we make it a secret for secret relationships last longer. I knew something was wrong but agreed since it was my first.

Everything was working well between us at first. People thought I was helping her with assignments whenever we visit each other. Some suspected something was going on between us but the fact that I was the most friend zoned guy on campus killed their curiosity. Whenever I tried touching Jennifer while we were alone in the dark, she would turn me down on the excuse that if I loved her, I would wait till our honey moon night before going for sex.   The worst happened when Jennifer’s brother visited and she introduced me to him as her assignment boy. I felt embarrassed but for the love I had for her, I overlooked the whole thing and we were good again.

One day after school, I visited Jennifer and met her with her ex. He was on his boxers short seated on her bed with Jennifer on his arms. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That day, she missed class. I called she said she was out of campus and that she wouldn’t be available for a week. A girl in her hostel who I accidentally ran into on campus told me she saw her before coming to class.

In pains, I contacted my friends and narrated everything to them. They laughed and made it clear to me that I will never get a girl if I continued that way and that girls don’t like straight forward guys. They see them as boring. That’s the reason they go for guys they know cheat on them. I made a vow never to be straight forward again with girls and never to treat them fairly for they don’t deserve it. It wasn’t easy at first but it worked. I started getting girls. I had a couple of girls before graduating. My youth service year was worse. I couldn’t count how many girls I had on my Ex list before Sophia. All I know is, she was different.

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She visits whenever I ask her to. She doesn’t get angry when I answer calls from other girls. She never even bothers asking about them. Whenever she accidentally visits and sees me with another lady, she gets along with the lady and introduces herself as my colleague in the office. She does all she can to allow me my privacy with girls even though we were in a relationship. These and more she took until the three years we have dated. My conscience started pricking me to stop and take her serious. I wasn’t ready for that so I took her out one-day and informed her I was calling our relationship off for she was tormenting me. The kind of tears that dropped from her eyes I had never seen before. One drop; just one and her eyes went red. I couldn’t take my words back as I watched her leave the restaurant. She sent a text to me that night while I was battling my emotions to forget her like the others. It reads:

“You are the worst guy that I have ever dated. The devil is better than you. I hate you.”

It was then I realised that good guy was still in me somewhere. Thanks to SOPHIA. He has awakened.

I went to Sophia to ask for forgiveness, and to tell her all that has happened but she didn’t give me the audience I needed because she was hurt. Whenever we meet at the office she will greet me casually and smile like nothing happened and still won’t give me the audience.

Weeks passed by without her having anything to do with me, she won’t pick when I call her, she won’t reply my text, going to her house is even worse because I will spend the whole day knocking on the door without any response. I was already losing concentration at work, and I’m no longer that guy I used to be. Most times I don’t care about my look and my colleagues and my boss are getting worried. My boss had several chats with me about my life and how it’s affecting the company and work. After like 7-8 months, my job is on the line but the privilege im having is that I am a senior staff and my hard work of the past cant just be wiped off, so my boss decided to give me a break. I went on 8weeks leave, my boss telling me that by the time I resume he doesn’t want to see this new me. But before then different news has been flying around the office about how a girl jilted me, blab la. All the girls have dated in past in my office were so happy and mocking me, saying it serves me right.

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Well to cut the long story short after 9 months, Sophia accepted my plea without me actually knowing why she did and we got back together. I spent the remaining 1month of my leave with her and happy. When leave was over, I resumed with my old me but with a little difference. I am in a serious relationship. After a year and some months, Sophia and I got married.

“Learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in those we love, and it can take many years to heal them.”

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