He was a gateman in the company I work


He was a gateman in the company I work

I am a 27 years old lady, and I must confess God has been so good to me, right from my university days to when I started working.

I gave my life to Christ when I was in part one in school, have been following Gods word diligently since then and he has never disappointed me.

When you are a lady at my age, with good work all you will be thinking of is to get married and what your parents, friends and everybody will be hammering to your ears will be to get married. Well I wish to and willing to get married to but I have no partner, I am so single.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if there are no suitors coming my way, but it’s just that I have never heard from God for the go ahead on any of the men that have been coming. I am the head of administration in my company, with good salary, my own car, and of course my own office. So you should know that definitely guys will be coming even within my company but have been turning them down all because God hasn’t given a sign or word that its safe for me to say yes.

Have been praying to God for quite some time and let me tell you I am beginning to lose my patient. It’s not like I am desperate, I was just wondering if I am supposed to be waiting to hear from God or I should just allow him guide me and I should follow my own instinct.

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I don’t pray about my partner every time I pray, in fact I prayed a serious prayer about for just a day. After that I left everything to God to work it out, but once in a while I just get to bring it in my prayers to remind God.

This faithful afternoon, I was on break but I didn’t go out for lunch because I was fasting, so I decided to stay back in my office and meditate on God’s word and say some prayers. As I was praying, it came to my mind that I should chip in my partner prayer request that was when I heard a voice. The voice told me, why are you bothering yourself I have given you your husband already, I smiled and asked where? Look outside the voice said, I looked outside through my office window but didn’t see anything. I can’t see anything I said, the voice replied look outside again which I did still can’t see anything. I said I can’t see anything lord, and the voice asked, are you sure? I replied yes but I had to look outside again the third time just to double check and to be very sure but still can’t see anything. I said, God I can’t see anything, it was then something came to my mind so I said but I can see the gateman and the voice replied me that is your husband.

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It must be a joke I said, but didn’t hear anything again. I was devastated and worried. I looked out again at the gateman, I began to analyse him and tears came to my eyes, where will I start from? Head of administration to a gateman. I am sure he can’t speak good English, I was just imagining.

The thought was in my mind for some days before I decided to tell it to my pastor in church. He said ok that he will get back to me. Three (3) days he called me to see him, I went to his office to see him and he told me it’s true that he has prayed about it and he saw the same thing. My pastor talked with me at length about the situation and my worries about the gateman. We finalized on the pastor paying him a visit at work and invite him over for personal discussion and the pastor pick a day for us to meet at his office

At the pastor’s office, we did normal introduction, it was then I know his name is Ezekiel. Pastor began to talk about the revelation but to my surprise the gateman was all calm about it. When the pastor is done talking, Ezekiel said I know, God has told me this 4months ago, my pastor already know about it and together we pray that God should show her the vision also because I couldn’t just tell her what I saw.

I got to know he has OND and he was doing his HND but stopped because of finance and decided to raise some money by working before he continue, also he is very brilliant. Well I thank God, he was able to finish his HND, put in for his masters and now he has a good job

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But today, we are happily married with kids and living very fine. I can’t stop thanking God for giving me my man, my husband, my bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, my king.

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