Tomiwa was the nineth child of mr Adekunle Adepoju. His mum the fourth wife of mr Adekunle had three children after Tomiwa.

From childhood, everyone had already known that Tomiwa would become a successful. Footballer as he always standout whenever he plays football with his peers.

At age eleven, in primary five,  Tomiwa captained his primary school to victory, as they won the head masters cup of his community, and defended it the following year achieving thesame feat.

When he got to secondary school, Tomiwa made it to his schools team as the youngest player to ever debut the team at age fourteen, and helped them win several other competitions in which he won the most valuable player award in them all.

At one of the competitions, he met a Nigerian football legend, that played his professional football in a London based football club, before retirement. From that day on, it became his dream to play professional football for a London based Football Club.

Outside being a fantastic footballer, Tomiwa was an addicted alcoholic. His addiction to alcohol earned him the title Gulp Lord among his friends. Whenever he goes outing with his friends, Tomiwa always  return home late and  drunk.

His mother knowing the danger this holds for  his future, call him and advise him whenever this happened. Tomiwa gave her deaf ear with the excuse that he is an adult and knows what was best for his life.

On one occasion while captaining his community Football team against another community, he got noticed by a football agent that got him a place in a renown football club, in the Nigerian Premier League.
There, he became famous and got a place in the Nigerian under 20 football team.

Things started working out for his career and  family. More friends came in as he made more money.
All started falling apart when he got kicked out of his team and the Nigerian under twenty team, after causing his team a disgraceful lost Of 4 goals to nothing to their rival opponent, at a concluding match of the Nigerian League competition.

The night before that match, Tomiwa and some of his team mates dodged out of the teams camp to a club party where they got drunk and did not get themselves together until after the football match.

He tried contacting other football clubs for a place but was turned down. No one cared to hire a footballer that will put his personal satisfaction and pleasure before his team. This news  became viral in the mass media causing Tomiwa more harm.

Friends started deserting him. His family started taunting him. Tomiwa attempted suicide but was saved by his mum who advised him to start allover again and not give up on himself. For it wass his talent that God used to take him that far, and this same talent was still in place to take him back to his glory.

Seeing sense in his mums encouragement, Tomiwa started playing football in the streets again giving deaf ears to criticisms. This time, he desisted from alcohol consumption and keeping late nights. From one of the streets competetitions, he got a chance in a football talent show where he emerged the winner and got a place in a the academy of a London base football  club.

On one of his return visit to his mum and family, his old  friends organised a welcome home overnight party for him at a club. He turned it down. The day after the party, news reached him that his friends died in an auto crash accident , on their way back from the club.

Negative habits are potential killers.
Its never too late to start over again and achieve your dreams , if u develope the courage to take the steps.

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