I have always wanted to tell my boss to GO TO HELL with his employment but I have not had the opportunity to do it because I have not found another job . Today I got the opportunity and told him to GO TO HELL WITH HIS EMPLOYMENT three times. He was so shocked that he taught I was high on something until he saw me packing my belongings in the office. He pretended he wouldn’t miss me, but I know he would. It will take him about a year to get another cheap Labour to take my seat.
On several occasions, I have applied to be promoted but my file will be dumped under his table. The one that got me upset to make up my mind that I am no longer working was the last promotion that was done in the company. Two of my colleagues that joined the company a year after me were promoted on the boss recommendation. Not that they work more than me or they are better at the job than me, my sin is I have no one at the top to speak on my behalf, and I always tell him to treat workers better than he his doing, plus he is not making workers welfare his priority, which every company needs, to do better on the chart of work progress, than they are. So, my plead for promotion and my efforts to be the best at my job was ignored. It was like I was working for nothing. My colleague that we joined the company the same time was promoted last year also on my boss recommendation. They are all receiving three times my sallary for the same job that we all do.
You must be wondering if they are more qualified than me educationally, no. In fact, they are HND graduates like me. My boss problem was I just dont have anyone standing for me. And I always speak up, which is something he hated. I don’t know why a lot of our bosses don’t want us to express ourselves. They take you as stubborn and uncooperative if you express yourself whenever they give orders, even if it is to your inconvenience . Maybe they should employ Zombies.
It’s been three years now since I left home for Lagos and am yet to return home to see my people. Not even on our annual one week December holiday. Every time I will tell them am not chanced, where as I can’t face them to tell them that am working and saving nothing because my sallary is nothing to write home about, and I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I have always wanted to leave but every year my colleagues will encourage me to stay because of the situation of the country. Jobs are hard to secure, people that have jobs will do everything they can even inconveniencIng themselves to please their bosses, to the extent of taking office jobs home and working over times that won’t reflect on their sallary. Like the one that made me decide this won’t continue.
I was on night duty that week. Night duty is normally the hardest. If we are working 12 hours which is overtime, we will work from 6pm to 9pm when we will go for a 30minutes break and then resume working till 2am in the morning where we will have 2hours rest. No bed, we sleep on the floor with carton till 4am when we will resume working till 6am, then we will close work for the day. If it’s the normal 8 hours, we will resume by 9pm and go for a 30 minutes break and then resume working till 2am when we will have the 2 hours break and then resume working till 6am. We were on the 8hours duty. I have gone through Monday till Thursday. On Friday night on resumption, my supervisor told me that we have been booked to work on Saturday night. I made it clear to him that I was not coming since my efforts in the company are unappreciated. They should look for someone else to do the Saturday job. He tried convincing me of the actions the boss will take against me on Monday but it all fell on deaf ear for I have made up my mind that I will not come. On Saturday they called and I made it plain to them that am still not Coming. Wondering why I was so head strong on not going to work that Saturday?
We used to work for 12 hours but the cut our working time to 8 hours. I told them that it won’t work, we can’t be doing a job that is meant for 12 hours under 8 hours but they didn’t take it. Plus I already passed the interview for a job at another company and they have given me my employment letter plus my resumption date. I am to resume duty as staff of another company where am to perform same duty I was performing at my current place of work, with a sallary that amounts to times three the amount I was collecting as take home sallary in my current place of work, at the end of that month which was two weeks away. It pays to know your worth and not settle for less you know.
That Monday when I got to work, my querry letter was already waiting for me on my desk. I read through it and had a good laugh. When my boss resumed, he asked one of my colleague to tell me to come see him in the office. Some minutes later I left my work place to his office. As usual, his face was all red like he was about to unleash a dragon. Normally when I face him, I dim my smile to sooth his mood. For he was always moody. This time, I put on a full smile and swayed to his office. He asked why I missed work on Saturday. I told him my reasons. He raised his voice at me telling me how much I have grown wings for not doing as ordered. Unlike me, I raise my voice as well and replied him, “TODAY I QUIT BEING A NOBODY”, and gave him a piece of my mind about his attitude and how disappointed I am at him. He then told me that my services are no longer needed in the company thinking I will plead for my job. To his greatest surprise I asked him to go GO TO HELL WITH HIS EMPLOYMENT. brought out my resignation letter, which I have already prepared before coming to work that day, dropped it on his table and again asked him to GO TO HELL WITH HIS EMPLOYMENT. then walked to my working area to get my stuffs to leave. As I walked passed his office, I told him again to GO TO HELL WITH HIS EMPLOYMENT. i saw the shock on his eyes as I left. Giving him a piece of my mind has never felt so good. TODAY, I QUIT BEING A NOBODY.

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