God’s Idea of what Love looks like


This is how we know that we love God…when we keep his Commandments. 1john5:2. Its that simple. So when you’re in Church singing “Lord I love you, how I love you…more and more each day…” With your sonorous voice and the pastor’s feeling like: wow, our choir’s made in heaven”. God’s just there looking at us, not moved by the voice. All he’s looking out for is “is she keeping my commandments?” If she is, she doesn’t need her voice to let me know she loves me! And that’s the same way it is in relationships. You see, if you don’t act like it, your words Don’t mean a thing! And that’s why men are seemingly hard. I Dont mean this in a way that suggests that women are any less like God, but from the image we have, God is a man, so men are kinda more physiologically like him. And that’s why just the same way your love songs Don’t matter to God if you aren’t keeping his Will and Commandments, your I love yous Dont mean jack to a guy until you act like it. I’ve heard ladies say stuffs like “I’ve given him the green light, I’ve given him passes but he’s just not catching the gig” but the guy is there like “I’m not assuming, if she wants me, let her act like it”! If you’ve ever heard anything like that, then you’ll perhaps be able to flow with what I’m saying. Perhaps what I’m simply trying to say is this ” if everyone can stop talking too much in relationships, and rather start acting their speeches, we would have less breakups and heartaches”. And if we would stop singing too many love songs and start obeying God’s commandments, we won’t have too many problems in our relationships with God.

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