Weekly Dose: How to Make a Woman a Wife

make woman a wife

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.” Ephesians 5:25-27

This is another week of our teaching; I know we have been following it, thank you for following. I will say happy new month to us all.

Today I will be opening our eyes to see the deep thing a man should do to a woman to make her his wife and what the woman should do in return to become a wife. Today’s teaching is for the husband to know how to make that woman their wife.[Read Also: The Three Things Every Man Needs from a Woman]

The verse I want us to look at is verse 26 “that He might sanctify and cleanse HER with the washing of water by the word.” The HE in the verse is the husband and the HER is the wife.

As a husband, you should expect your supposed wife (woman) to be dirty, raw, it’s now the job of the husband to cleanse her of all what she’s carrying that the husband doesn’t like. This is why they refer to the man as the groom and the wife the bride.

“She is just a woman, not yet a wife, a wedding ceremony doesn’t make a woman a wife but the husband makes the woman a wife by brushing and cleansing her. If the husband fails to do this, she will still be a woman not a wife and she will be functioning as a woman not a wife which can result to challenges in the marriage.”

a wife

Groom means to brush or clean, prepare or train. So it’s the work of the man to brush and clean the woman, to prepare and train her to be his wife. Most people don’t have the deep understanding of this, they just here groom and bride but never knew the purpose of the name. It’s not societal, it is biblical, that’s what Christ wants the husband to do. It’s their job, don’t expect your wife to suit you, but you have to process your wife to suit you

Is she fat? Take her to the gym for her to get that body shape that you love. She doesn’t speak good English? Enroll her in a school or get a teacher to help her out, she doesn’t dress well? Take her to a boutique and buy that dress that will fit her and look good on her. Every of her spot, blemish is what you as the husband will wash away.

When you are done washing and cleansing her to what you want, then you will present her to yourself. When you present, it means showcase her to yourself, you display her in a ceremonial way to yourself. Then you look at her with happiness and joy inside of you, you will say with pride… THAT’S MY WIFE.

Yes that’s your job as the husband, stop frustrating that woman, stop insulting that woman’s body shape, you are to be like Christ. Anything Christ doesn’t like in his children, he takes it away and gives them another thing. You are to brush her up to what you desire, to that perfect woman that you imagine in your head because that’s what Christ is doing to his wife. You are to do the same

Hello ladies, please don’t make it difficult for that man to cleanse you, you as the lady has to be willing. You must show that sign to your husband that you are ready to be cleansed. If you want to be the perfect wife for your husband you must undergo his processing.

If you don’t give your husband that chance to cleanse you, it will difficult for him to process you to that perfect bride he wants. Your job as a woman is to be ready to go through processing. Just like a raw food that needs to go through various processing before it becomes attractive to the eyes and desire to be eaten.

When the raw food is going through processing, they don’t say no, I don’t want to be fried or no I don’t want to be boiled. It just stays there and I know you know the end result always shows why it has gone through the processing.

It is the same way the woman should humble herself for her husband to take her through processing so she could be desirable to her husband, so she could be that perfect wife her husband wants.

In conclusion, let everyone take up their roles, husband have it in mind you are to brush and clean your wife, don’t insult her don’t push her out and woman be ready to go through processing, be humble, be submissive so you can be washed, cleansed and processed.

It’s the end of the weekly dose for this week, see you next week. Please don’t just read this article but also use the share button to share it to your friends and families on various social media. Thank you and happy new month

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