Warning: The Do’s And Don’t’s In A Relationship

Warning: The Do's And Don't's In A Relationship
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I noticed that times are changing, and the society is now shifting their focus when it comes to individual role in a relationship as man or woman. Well I might not know how they do it in the western world many years ago but I sure know how we do it here in my country Nigeria.

I know that it’s the role of the man to get the attention of the lady, also to do everything possible to make her be in a relationship with him. Even after she has agreed to him, he still does everything possible to keep her, but the case is different now in this generation. The work that is supposed to be done by men is now being done by the women even parents are building a strong woman and forgetting to teach the sons how to be a good husband and father. Are the women planning to take over? Society spoils everything

We now see a woman giving a man expensive things just to get him, we now see a woman doing everything possible just to have a man and to make the man stay in the relationship. This got me worried but I couldn’t worry much because whenever I am studying the bible and come across this sentence or anytime I remember this phrase, then I conclude maybe it’s not their fault. It’s the end time that’s knocking on the door.

Yes, because the bible says in the end time women will do anything to have a man, some women will even tell the man don’t worry I will pay for everything just allow me bear your name. It’s happening around us already.

But if you don’t want to follow the end time, if you still want to have a proper relationship leading to a great marriage, then this article is for you because I will be talking about some DO’s and DON’T’s of a man and woman in a relationship.

do's and don't's

The DO’s for the men

It’s the men that should ask a lady out, and everything that surrounds asking the lady out including keeping the lady. And when you already have her as your woman, it’s still the work of the man to do everything possible to make the relationship go smoothly

For a relationship to go smoothly the man must take charge, first in the area of communication, the man must create a good atmosphere for good communication. You should take care of your woman; taking care of a woman doesn’t mean you have to always spend money. There are many ways you can show your woman that you care without you spending money.

When we say someone is the boss in an office, how does he/she behaves, what’s their actions like? They run the office and do everything to make the work run smoothly; they take charge, take responsibilities and also take blames. Yes that’s how a man should do in a relationship because you are the boss, so pls do like one and stop making the women miserable.

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The DON’T’s for men

It’s not every lady that we love that is going to love us back, many times feelings don’t go the same way, and therefore we must not be an emotional wreck or be a dummy because of that. In a relationship, the lady’s job is to reciprocate the love, if the lady you are trying to ask out or already in a relationship with isn’t reciprocating your love then you are in a relationship with yourself.

We always come across many ladies but there are times when we come across just one lady and we feel like no, she’s the one and the problem starts when the lady that is supposed to be the one doesn’t recognize herself as the one. She turns all your efforts down, nothing you do impress her, she just doesn’t want to be with you. Yes it happens; you have to move on, don’t force it and don’t play yourself a dummy.

Sometimes you believe you have won the battle by twisting the lady to be in a relationship with you after so many trials and efforts only for it to be like you are still single even though you are in a relationship just because the lady you are in a relationship with won’t reciprocate your love. Some even leave for someone else after you might have spent all that you have on them

If you find yourself in this shoe, it’s time to back out and let go, you are doing more harm to yourself than good. Remember, you cannot make anybody love you

Don’t tell me it’s not easy or I don’t know how you feel because I do, I have been there myself and those words are just excuses which you shouldn’t buy, move on, it won’t kill you. I am still alive today.

The DO’s for the women

The job of a woman in a relationship is to reciprocate the love shown to her. You are like a jewel, a jewel doesn’t force itself on anybody, all what the jewel always does is to stay shining at it spot, whosoever that love it and know the worth will go there , pay the right amount to acquire it. This is when the jewel reciprocates the love of the person that bought it by shining in the persons neck or anywhere the person uses

Is it possible for me to have a jewel on my neck without anybody noticing it? No way because it has to shine; when it shines, it is reciprocating the love because I know the worth. That’s how a lady should be

And also remember it’s not everybody that has the money to pay for it that knows the worth, some just have the money to throw around but doesn’t know the worth of anything, and some doesn’t have the money but because they know the worth, they work tirelessly for the money so they could have the jewel.

The DON’T’s for women

Women are so used to chasing their man all over the place with phone calls nowadays. The man won’t call them for days if not weeks but they will be the one doing all the calling, taking over the man’s job. A jewel doesn’t disturb customer to buy it, it’s the customer that disturbs himself to buy the jewel, so why acting desperate?

Maybe it doesn’t sound like you are desperate to you, when a man that claims he loves doesn’t call you for a week without anything wrong with him and maybe he calls you once in a month but you have been the one chasing him with your calls, that’s not love. It’s more like witchcraft, like you want to push your disability on him

For the ladies that do the spending instead of the man, you are indirectly the one paying the man’s groom price; I cannot call it bride price. If you think you are just helping because he doesn’t have, that’s not helping that’s buying, you have just bought yourself a man, no warranty

If you don’t want this, then don’t do it, it’s a no go area for you, if you have millions and he’s having thousands, let him spend the thousands for you and be happy with it. Let him be a man he is supposed to be not a puppet

If you find yourself in this type of relationship, then it’s better for you to move on because you are in a relationship with yourself

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Above are some common things people take for granted in their relationships which brings problem later on. Relationship has rules, you can’t just stumbled upon it without knowing the rules and believe you won’t crash, because you will. You have to follow the rules strictly

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