Two Repented Prostitutes Who Just Got Married

repented prostitute got married

Facebook page Omega Power Ministries posted a lengthy post about two Nigerian prostitutes who recently repented and got married in their church in Port Harcourt.

repented prostitute got marriedI saw this story on and I had to share it, just to give encouragement to people that might be going through similar situation or maybe even to single Christian sisters who aren’t prostitute but couldn’t get themselves a Christian man to marry. If a repented prostitute can get married to a Christian brother, nothing can stop you also except you stop yourself. Don’t be discouraged, have faith, believe and keep moving with God, also check yourself.

The highlight of the shared story was: “Daddy OPM weds two more repented sex workers at Omega Power Ministries, a wild fire growing Christian denomination in Rivers State. The duo who hailed from Oron, in Akwa Ibom State were among the September 2016, OPM converted sex workers in one of the church outreach program in Diobu, Port Harcourt.”

weddingThe couples with the pastor at Omega Power Ministries

“While officiating the marriage on Saturday December, 17th 2016 at the OPM branch church in GRA Port Harcourt, the General Overseer said, he was delighted to see the young girls whose life’s were almost condemned to death by Satan the Devil getting married to husbands of their choice.”

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“One of the bride’s, Gloria (not real name) said: ‘I was never a prostitute in my life, I was in my SS2 at Sonya Secondary School, Lagos, lived with my uncle when suddenly condition became so unbearable that I have to relocated to my village in Oron, at Akwa Ibom State’.

‘A day came when one wealthy woman from Port Harcourt visited my parents to request that I should return with her to Port Harcourt to work as house mad with a monthly stipend of ten thousand naira, I gladly followed her. My madam’s husband worked in shell and we used to attain Saviour Ministry Church.’

‘One day my madam travel to America and shortly after she left, my madam’s husband called me into his bedroom and wanted to have sex with me but I refused and my madam’s husband requested I should be sent back home.

‘That was how I found myself in a brothel in Port Harcourt doing prostitution to earn a living. Not quite four months, into my prostitution business that God send Daddy OPM to visit us in Diobu to restore our life. Today I am fully restored in the Lord and have gotten weded to a husband of my choice, may God receive all the glory for raising a man like Daddy OPM for my sake.’

“The second bride, Nset (not real name) said she was 22 years of age and a dropped out SS2 student of Mirian Secondary School, Oron, when a lady tricked her with a business proposal to Port Harcourt unknown to her that it was a prostitution work.”

“Nset said: ‘Anytime I slept with any man my madam will be the person that will collect the money and gave me peanut to buy food for myself, while in the business I lost my senses, and could not be able to take care of my domestic need anymore and cannot even expressed myself.’

‘I can only remember how to sleep with men but cannot realized how much I make for myself. I suffered from this problem until Daddy OPM came and rescued us from Diobu, because this my problem I became a burden to the church that took care of me.

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‘While waiting for God Intervention in my case my husband appeared and propose to marry me and that was a turning point in my life. I regained my senses almost immediately I had the marriage proposal.’

‘”Similarly the grooms were not left out as they dance with joy, celebrating their newly wedded wives. They thanked the servant of God for making himself available to bless their lives, and provided them with an accommodation after wedding.”

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