Six Things You Need To Know About Growth

Six Things You Need To Know About Growth

No matter how tall your grandfather was, you have to do your own growing by yourself.

Creation has a soundtrack which was wired into all of us at the inception of time. Birds sings it, animals hum it, the trees and the grasses of the field dance to melodious tune of this powerful tune titled “GROWTH”. Nature abhors stagnancy, everything in life is programmed to grow, to stretch to get better and improve consistently over time. Growth is a powerful and dangerous theme, to think of growth is to think of change. Perhaps it is the very thought of change that scares many from embracing the idea growth, this kind of paranoia is expensive!

A catalogue of companies that once topped the chat and lead the way but does no longer in existence shows that when growth ceased the alternative becomes the imperative. Families, homes, marriages and relationships topple when the parties involved refuses to grow. It seems after all that we either choose to grow or get grounded. In today’s fast paced, instant world, there is absolutely no room for laxity or slackness, we have to grow. Age, longevity and popularity no longer guarantees you a place in an economy that is fast changing at the speed of light. I want to share with you six important points about growth.

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Instant noodles, instant milk, instant money transfer, instant food, instant this and instant that, the world is spinning so fast and the speed is nerve racking, many have little or no time to pause and catch their  breath. There are three factors at war in today’s market, they are Price, Quality and Speed. Manufacturers are caught in a desperate effort of joggling these three balls successfully without allowing the last which is a glass ball to fall to the ground. As the race intensifies the pressure continuous to mount.

The effect is that we have all learnt how to short circuit everything from cooking to banking, unfortunately growth is one thing that has defied our instant machinations and schemes. Yes growth can be fast-tracked but even then the premium still has to be paid in full. Time is a crucial and critical component of the growth system. Newsflash! You cannot cut corners here Sir! You gotta pay in full. Growth is progressive, it means you have different phases and stages and you can’t skip any of those stages, you have to go through the entire process from start to finish.

The problem with our instant minded generation is that many want to arrive at the destination without going through the rigors of the journey. Unfortunately that is scientifically impossible at the moment, the only technology that can get you to a destination in flash at the moment is witchcraft except you live in the world of enhanced humans called Hollywood Movies. No matter how much you wish it and pray it, growth will not happen overnight even the sun in all its majesty does not appear at once!


I want to grow! Really? What do you want to grow or where do you want to grow, which particular area of your life do you want to improve. Growth has to be specific it is not enough to desire growth, the area of growth has to be specified. In animal nutrition there are different feed formulations, each one packaged for a unique output. There are feed formulations for fattening, there are some for boosting milk production, there are some meant for increased egg production, there are feeds meant for increased energy production and the list goes on.

The core lesson here is that you must know what to grow. Which aspect of my life am I willing to take responsibility for? Where am I willing to make the necessary investments to see the needed change? Growth cannot be arbitrary, the terms has to be clearly stated, the parameters defined and the result measurable.


Your finances will not improve simply because you want it to, No! Your emotional intelligence will not improve by mere wishing. It has been well said that if wishes were horses beggars will ride the finest of them. But no sir/ma! empty wishes will not deliver the goods, decisions have to be made backed up with commensurate due diligence in actions. You have to make the decision to buy new books and read them, you have to make the decision to spend time with your spouse and do it, weight loss is not magical you’ll have to register at a gym and embrace the pain of regular exercise. Your beards and your hair will grow without your permission but to see your life improve significantly in any area will take stern and firm decision to make it happen and yes you can.


Poor strategy has been the ruin of many in their pursuit of growth. It’s either they don’t have a strategy or their strategy is poorly designed or watery in it content. A strategy is a systematic plan for the actualization of a given goal or task. Strategy is the key to growth! Yes, you have a goal and a clear objective but how you want to achieve it is strategy. Okay I want to read a book every month, how will I make it happen? Okay I haven’t read a book in the last two years, so I’ll need to do some warming up therefore I’ll start with a small book of sixty pages which I will read every weekend when am off work. Beyond that you can decide how many pages to read daily or weekly and so on. That is strategy for developing a culture of reading.

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Relax! This will not kill you but it will help you in the actualization of your dream. Not many of us are strong enough to pull things off on our own, more often than not we need to enlist the help of others to accomplish our goals. To be accountable means to be answerable to someone for your decisions and progress on a given task. If you take growing seriously then an accountability partner will do you a major good. Find someone you can commit to and ask for their support. Couples could be accountability partners, a couple can choose a mentor to be accountable to. The most important thing is to ensure that there is consistent rapport and progress report.Accountability keeps you going when passion wanes and pain becomes unbearable.


My reward for growing up as a child was a new pair of shoes or trousers, it worked like magic. You should reward yourself too. When you conquer a task or accomplish a given goal, celebrate yourself. Give yourself a treat, that affirmation creates the positive energy and inspiration for you to climb the next mountain. By doing this you’re telling your mental and physical faculties, thank you for a job well-done! And guess what? They will repay you with greater loyalty next time you summon them. Reward yourself!

Growth is possible and growth is achievable! There’s no excuse for stagnancy, you can do it! Yes! You can climb that hill, move that mountain and achieve your dreams. So do it now!

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