Quality Ways Your Capacity Determines Your Success

Quality ways your capacity determines your success

One of the few things that I enjoy presently is the luxury of my tablet (please don’t ask me for the brand name) especially the ease of reading that it affords me, but that’s how far it goes. When it comes to browsing my tablet is horrible simply because it has a little Random Access Memory, ROM (not dry gin o!) and a very low Read Only Memory thus making it very slow and sometimes even hanging (Oooops! that really sucks). In a nutshell the issue with my tablet is not that of ability outrightly but inherent capability limited by capacity. What my tablet could do is thereby hampered by the relative small size of it functional memory making it slow and frustratingly under perform, the only solution is cleaning and the use of additional external memory space. With that half of the problem is solved but the other remains unresolved such that even when I get additional memory space, I still have to put up with a remarkably slow output and processing time because the ROM remains unchanged.

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Dramatically and quite unfortunately there are so many people who are just like my smart phone, they have fantastic inherent potential and talents but they continue to under perform on their job and other aspect of life, why? Because they are low on capacity. You want to know why some folks breakdown and quit too easily? They are limited in capacity. Capacity determines how much you can carry without falling apart it is not the same as tensile strength. It is simply the question of how much can you handle? When the volume of data am working exceeds or overwhelms my device it hangs or begins to lag. So also with humans when the magnitude of the job exceeds your capacity you begin to under perform simply because you don’t have room enough for what you are attempting to absolve. How much can you take? How much can you carry without spilling or lagging?

what is capacity?WHAT IS CAPACITY?

Capacity inherently has to how much you can do or process efficiently within a given space of time with optimum results. Capacity unlike ability is not inbuilt rather it is built up over time with continuous practice, learning, exposure and hard work. The rate of returns in terms of capacity is directly proportional to the energy invested. Capacity accounts for the difference between the talented and the productive. A couple of books have even been written about the fact that talent is never enough. Talented people fail not because they don’t have the innate ability to do whatever it is they are gifted but because they are lazy to nurture and culture that ability to the optimum productivity level. Hence their ability is hampered by a deficiency in capacity. Interestingly our design as humans makes us elastic, there is always room for expansion when you desire it. Plastic people don’t go too far you have to be expandable in capacity to cope the demands of this century in which we are. Things are happening so fast and dimensions are rapidly expanding such that there is no time to rest or lay back, we just have to keep evolving and expanding the scope of our mind and the possibilities of our potentials. Only those with the will to expand can succeed in this generation. Expansion is simply opening our minds to receive more. How do you expand or how do you increase your capacity?


your mindYOUR MIND

The primary way to increase your capacity is to deliberately expand your mind, some folks might think expansion begins on the outside, no it begins from the inside. There is concept in physics called expansivity; it is the property of a substance solid or liquid to expand upon heat application. When a material expands it does so with a level or proportionate correlation between its internal and external molecules: every time there is no correlation between the inside and the outside the material or substance is destroyed. That is the way it is with our lives too, there must be a correlation between what is happening on the inside and what is happening on the outside if such expansion is to be sustainable. The mind breakdowns before the body actually does, it’s the mind that leads the way. Every incompetence and failure begins in the mind, hence the mind must be the primary object of your expansion scheme. Thoughts are the major determinants of what happens in your mind, hence to re-program your mind you have to start with changing what you think. The question is where do thoughts come from? Thoughts essentially comes from what we feed on: the things we see, the things we hear and the environment where we are. So to change your mind you have to open your mind to new information by acquiring new knowledge and skills that will improve the functioning of your mind. Learn!


The second way to expand your capacity is by putting pressure on yourself. It has been said that without pressure, tension and discipline we cannot be the best we can be. The difference between the coal in the charcoal pot and the diamond Dubai is pressure! It is true that both of them are the same by nature and origin but one has been undergone thousands of years of consistent pressure and heat deep in the belly of the earth. The more the pressure you put on yourself the larger you capacity. The human mind is such that when it is expanded it stays there, unlike the muscles that can lose their firmness and size with neglect. The simplest avenue is training, the beauty of training is that it is what it is, training. You don’t have to be afraid of messing up a crucial task or duty while training because no one will give you that. In training you work with demos that prepares you for the real task. Training could be formal or informal, you can enroll for a mentorship and accountability program. Muscles aren’t built by wishing, it is built by training and pressure. Sign up for a physical fitness program, join a team where more will be demanded from you. Leave your comfort zone behind you and create new challenges for yourself. Training is beautiful but what is training without a coach or an instructor? I called them the pressure boosters. The duty of a coach or an instructor is to ensure that you meet the requirements of the training scheme. A lot of us hate coaches, but we need them if our capacity will ever increase; you can get to the top all by yourself. At some point the law of interdependence catches up with you.

be exposedEXPOSURE

Someone said your destiny is at the measure of exposure! What you see, how far you can see and how much you have seen essentially marks the limit of your destiny in anything! Exposure is critical and crucial to your destiny. There’s more to life than what you are seeing in your little corner of the world. In this era global competition if you are not exposed, take it or leave it you are DOOMED! You need to move around, go to places where your thoughts and paradigms will be blown in splinters. Consistently challenge yourself by mixing with better people, going to better places and looking for better materials. There is always a better way of doing what you are doing, but you will not know except you get out of your Chicken Little empire. The world is big don’t limit yourself, mingle and cross-pollinate ideas with others and you will be grateful for doing so. Expand! You’re more elastic than you think!

Nobody gets paid for what they can do, people get paid for what they do and do very well. Stop squirming about low salary and pay raise, go and improve on yourself! Fortune only favours those who are brave enough to stretch their limits and enlarge. If you make the commitment to consistently expand your limits your salary with keep up with you without any stress. That is the law of growth! There are two ways to get anything you want in life you either grow for or go for it! In this discuss growth is the formula, don’t be complacent.

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