2 Ways to Prevent Circumstances from Destroying your Purpose in Life

circumstances destroy purpose

How to Handle Circumstances in Fulfilling Your Purpose

What is a circumstance?

A circumstance is a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action

The action in this definition is our purpose, which means without circumstances there is no purpose. Isn’t that funny? I didn’t say it, the definition said it. We thought circumstances are supposed to be a bad thing, like that hindrances, like the devil staying between us and our purpose, it’s not totally true. Circumstances are that thing that will propel us to our purpose which is the action we take. The only time we won’t face circumstances is when we don’t take action.

We are going to look at the place of circumstances in fulfilling our purpose for us to know what to expect when we take action to fulfill our purpose and why. Circumstances are of two (2) categories; the categories we find ourselves and how we respond to it determine the outcome of us fulfilling our purpose or not. We can say it’s the tool use in measuring the fulfillment of our purpose [ Read Also: How To Get A Fabulous Rebound after a bad failure]

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start.” Nido Qubein

1 Positive Circumstance

This is called positive because it’s good circumstances that lead you to your purpose. Why is it positive? They say no pain no gain, which means definitely for every success there is a price paid but if you know anyone that hasn’t paid any price, don’t be worried, it means somebody has paid the price for him/her just like Jesus paid the price of sin for believers.

When we say positive circumstance, it means they are price you have to pay for you to get to your destination. A farmer can’t say he/she wants to harvest without him going through the stress of farming, can you be a doctor without you burning candles? Maybe when you are studying to become a doctor you failed a few times, don’t be frustrated, they are still good circumstances.

There are some things we need to go through that will make us who we are, in addition to that there are also some lessons God uses circumstances to teach us.

For example, a lady counselor was counseling a woman that her marriage is crumbling because she couldn’t bear a child after 4 years of marriage. When the woman was counseling her, like don’t worry, depend on God everything will be ok… the woman having issues look at the counselor and said in her mind, it’s easy to say now, you are not the one feeling the pain. The woman decided to let the counselor know her mind, easier said than done, so she asked the counselor, how many months after your wedding did you give birth to your first child? The woman smiled and said, well, this is my 12years in marriage with no child yet. That was how the woman shoulder guard, ego and the thoughts in her went down.

With the story you will see that if the counselor didn’t have issues with giving birth also, there is nothing she can say that the woman will hear but at the end when the counselor won the woman to Christ and the family, the woman and the counselor gave birth the same day. Which means the counselor circumstance was just for soul winning of that family. [ Read Also: Quality Ways Your Capacity Determines Your Success]

Let’s look at the case of Joseph in the bible; he already knew his purpose at a very young age even though he never knew how it’s going to come to fulfillment. Between him knowing is purpose and him fulfilling it stands circumstances, what are these circumstance?  1 His brothers, blood brothers 2 Potiphars wife 3 slavery but at the end it was the circumstances that propel him in fulfilling his purpose.

“Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it”.  Robertson Davies

2 Negative Circumstance

This is a very dangerous one, as it can destroy our destiny. This negative circumstance deals with us personally, the determinant is the way we handle the circumstance or situation before us. This is just a positive circumstance turning to a negative circumstance just by the way we respond to the circumstances before us.

Let’s look at the story of Joseph again, when he was sold into slavery, he finds favour in the sight of Potiphar therefore making him to be in charge of his household, due to this action another circumstance surfaces, Potiphars wife wanted to sleep with him. At this point, the circumstance is still a positive one because its meant to propel him to his actual destination but if he had responded to the circumstance wrongly by yielding to the woman and slept with her. Immediately the circumstance will turn from positive to negative, meaning the end of his purpose. Also it will create another circumstance for him which will be worse than all other circumstance, like death because if he did it and Potiphar finds out. Hmmmmm

Also some times, the enemies put circumstances in our way to stop us from fulfilling our purpose. They already saw how glorious our purpose is, therefore the best they could do is not give us the chance to fulfill it by putting circumstances in our way so we could lose it. In everything, it’s the way we respond to the circumstances that determines whether we will be a victim or victor. Imagine the challenges Joseph went through before he could fulfill his purpose, he was imprisoned for many years with the fact that he was innocent, also look at Jesus. Hadn’t been Joseph responded wrongly to the circumstances, ladies and gentlemen, I am telling you he is finished (mercy can speak, but just imagine what you will go through again before you receive mercy)

What are those steps you have taken wrongly or you want to take that’s indicating doom for your purpose? Is there any?

Don’t take circumstances you are facing to be a bad thing but it means you are taking action and it’s the ladder you have to climb to get to wherever you are going.

“Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is our own power”. Benjamin Disraeli

In conclusion, the bigger your purpose the more your circumstances, so if someone beside you isn’t facing the kind of circumstances you are facing, don’t condemn yourself but be happy that you have a large purpose to fulfill.

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