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Can a man be faithful to one woman?

The topic for the lovers lounge for Friday 14th October 2016

We asked this topic from people and we got some really scary answers which makes me wonder what’s really going on in the mind of our ladies and what could have happened for them to have this kind of mindset. With my knowledge I know that this kind of mindset can’t help anyone that is planning marriage or already married.

Your mindset determines the kind of attitude you display outwardly, and with a wrong mindset you are going to display a wrong attitude which will lead to a wrong marriage.

And my answer to the topic is that, yes a man can be faithful to one woman, I am sure you are not expecting a different answer. I have men and know men that have been with their wife and their wife alone, no other woman.  If you believe it, you will find it if you look deeply and patiently. So I will tell you now that, what you are looking for are what you get, if you are looking for a man that will be with you only, you won’t stop searching until you have seen one and what you also believe plus the mindset you have is what you are going to receive. If you believe it is not possible then it is not possible for you.

A miner doesn’t stop or get tired until he has seen what he is digging for, so if you were looking and you got tired it simply means you didn’t believe in what you are looking for or you didn’t believe in yourself and maybe you don’t know the worth of what you are looking for, yes you don’t know the worth.

Below are some comments we got from people;

Lovers Lounge: Can a man really be faithful to one woman?

Phumexy :      never, it’s not possible no matter how a woman satisfy them, they will still have another affair out there

Kay2016;   yes it is very possible…. All men are not the same

MJ: it is possible

Juliet:      it is very possible; never conclude that all men are the same there still good and godly men out there that can be faithful to their wife…

Kolim:  Not at all

SaRah JaMeS:      not sure because men are just so useless

Dee et al:    of course a man can be faithful; it is all about self-discipline and self-control which are fruits of the spirit so the first thing is to accept Christ

Lovers Lounge: Can a man really be faithful to one woman?

Splash hair and skin care:     not possible

Deshy:      never, it is not in their DNA

Addy ~Miyam:      #thisboyaintloyal

Mz sunmolar:    for where, even pastor they cheat on his wife

ann:  I don’t believe at all

And from this subscriber we have a language that is not English, I think she was so in the spirit that she couldn’t say it in English, see it below:

Susan:    nee geen man is betroubaar. Die selfde vir vroue. I trust no man


So to all single ladies out there, I will end by saying this…… there are men and still single men out there that can be faithful to one woman and that one woman is only their wife, don’t settle for less

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