Jealousy and Obsession an Unhealthy Kind of Love

jealousy and obsession

Love is a beautiful feeling, especially when people are happy with who they are with and who they themselves are.

There are also unhealthy kinds of love, they are not love because love does not have those qualities but they seem like love from afar.

An example of this unhealthy love ranges from infatuation, jealousy, obsession etc. It is most times arguable that when one loves someone they get jealous of their interaction with others but is it right to be jealous in the first place. [Read Also: 3 Deep Sources of Marriages and Relationship Problems]

To start with, jealousy is a result of insecurities; the jealous one is passing their insecurities on the partner. Many good relationships are at the verge of losing it; some have gone their separate ways and in extreme cases led to divorce.

It is mainly out of her insecurity that will make a woman or man start calculating time for his or her partner (when he or she is done for the day and how many hours drive to the house) this is not to say women or men should not care for their partner, but in the situation where all he or she thinks of is how the other person must have been with another person. And in essence they pick up a silly fight.

Most of the times, when you constantly check your partners phone to find a fault you most likely will see that fault you are looking for not necessarily because the person is doing what you think they are doing but because you are living your insecurities.

In extreme cases of jealousy is obsession realised, like the name implies it is an unhealthy kind of love for anything or anyone.

When one is obsessed with someone they constantly feel a form of ownership over their partner. They are mostly not in control of their emotions when they are feeling insecure, unlike jealousy that springs up fight, obsession is usually unhealthier.

These individuals begin to see the other persons as object to manipulate and own, they feign weak most times to seek pity from their lover and there is no one that matters to them like their partner.

Often at times it is lovely to know that you are your partner’s closest friend, but in a situation where you are their only friend and you in essence are not allowed to have other friends becomes a feature of obsession.

Obsessed partners show some features that people often ignore thinking it is nothing when in essence it means a whole lot.

Signs That Shows Your Partner is Obsessed

* They have different phrases they use at the slightest provocation that depicts force; they constantly will remind their partners that they are theirs or that they own them. These statements are very much unhealthy.

*obsessed individuals are never in control of their emotions, they make the most silly decisions and with the way they think it will be evident that the relationship is a matter of time only if the partner Is willing to keep enduring them. Obsessed partner does not mind to get physical for and with their partner to prove their love.

*obsessed individuals are always living in fear, they fear their partner leaving them and can try to do a lot to keep them which include “mind game” at times people like this would take their fears on their partner and make them feel guilty for their own shortcomings.

In a situation for instance when a man blames his fiancé or wife that are beauty makes him obsessed and further makes her apologise for being beautiful or for his insecurities.

*They impose unrealistic rules and let their partner not live to the full capacity of their potentials either they are always in their business or push helpers away from them. They can choose friends for their partner, the dress they wear, the family members to relate with, monitor their social media fervently etc. And they will not want their partners to discuss with people who most likely will tell them the truth or to leave.

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Lastly obsessions are not to be endured, when a man or woman does not have a “life” outside you (you are their aim/purpose and everything) it is just a matter of time before you realise you won’t be enough for them and you alone will suffer for it. You feel it is OK because it hasn’t gotten physical; it is only a matter of time.

If you truly love yourself as a man or woman, don’t stay in an obsessed relationship.


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