Is Your Partner the Number One Person in Your Life?

Be his (for God) before you become your partners

Is Your Partner the Number One Person in Your Life?

Be his before you become your partners


You have to be for Jesus before you even think about being for your partner, you have to let God take the first place in your life if you really want t be a winner. The mistake people make is that they put whatever or whomever they love in that position meant for God, which is why the whole place, is all in a mess.

I want you to know one thing, no one can give you the joy and peace that you desire, not your husband, not your wife, not your mother, not your father, not your job/career, not even your pastor but the only person that can do that is no other person but God. If you get to put your spouse in the first seat in your life, then you should be ready to be disappointed.

Think about it, just imagine someone putting you first in their life, just go through that thought in your mind and imagine what you think will happen. Don’t you see disaster coming, you are human, so you will sleep, slumber, and get tired. During this process of you sleeping, slumbering and getting tired or frustrated because you are facing some challenges yourself, what do you think would have happened to that person who put you first in their life? They will dead I guess, hahahaha

All these, is like putting your protection in the hands of some bodyguards or soldiers. Isn’t it funny? Because the soldiers, the bodyguards are all mortal and they can die, we know of highly important, sophisticated and rich people with good number of bodyguard, well trained that were assassinated. Abraham Lincoln was the presidents of the United States when he was murdered, you should surely know he had security officers but they failed him.

We all know that humans are not perfect, which means they are liable to make mistakes at any time, but since we know these, is it that supposed to be a reason for us to know that putting such human in the first position in our lives is dangerous?

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You put your spouse first in your life, the spouse messes up and your whole life just crumble right in front of you, many mental cases of people all because of deformity in characters of their partner.  Have you been putting your partner first in your life? You need to make a U-turn today before you hit the rock.

Here are reasons you should be his before you become your partners

Nobody can steal your joy because you got it from him

The number one thing the enemy always used as the key to destroy us is to steal our joy because he knows when the joy is gone then you’re vulnerable to anything. Which now opens you down for any form of ways he has in place to destroy you. For example it’s when the joy is gone that most people do drugs and alcohol, they do to drugs because they believe that they can get joy from doing drugs, which at the end leads to their destruction, which is the aim of the enemy “Devil”. But when your joy is from him the maker of heaven and earth, nobody can steal it because you know he is in control, he is in charge. When someone tells you there is no way for you at this junction , you laugh because you know he doesn’t have the final say and your hope, your joy wasn’t from him, you didn’t depend on him in the first place.


Because you will have everything

In his word he says

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added onto you” Mathew 6:33

What are this other things the bible is talking about here? Just guess, can you guess? Yes you are right, everything, good marriage, good partner, good job, nice home and house, happiness, peace, joy, riches, wealth …… everything, just name it. Who else can do this for you if not him? If he can do all these if I put him first in my life so why then will I put some other person first in my life and gets disappointment, sadness and frustration s. no I don’t think I want that in my life, I want peace, joy ,riches and eternal so I will go with him. It’s left for you now to make your choice but personally I have decided to make him the number person in my life.

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You have someone to report to

The part married people don’t know about their marriage is this particular one. You make your spouse the number person in your life and he/she messes up, which it’s certain that it will happen because he/she will get you angry once in a while. Please who are you going to report to? When you put your partner as the number one person in your life and your work is going bad, who are you going to report to, your partner? And what can your partner do about it? That’s if your partner doesn’t need reporting themselves.

This person we are talking about is the creator; he is the manufacturer of human beings which means he has the spare parts, the master key to every human on earth which no other person has.

You can’t buy a jaguar and take it to Benz for fixing whenever you’re having a problem with it, if you do, you are definitely going to worsen the situation which Is exactly what we do to ourselves. The jaguar must be taken back to jaguar for them to fix whenever you are having any challenge with it because they created it; they manufactured it because they know what can happen, what has happened, and what is happening.

The same goes for man, whenever you are having some challenges with your partner, you take him back to God the creator and manufacturer to fix but the only thing there is, you can only do that if you make him the number one person in your life. And the best results comes when both partners make him the number person in their life which means everything that happens in their life and home they go to God together about it… that’s a double impact and gets double results

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