How To Get A Fabulous Rebound after a bad failure

How To Get A Fabulous Rebound after a bad failure

Life is full of twist and turns and the man who wins eventually is the man who refused to quit.

Let’s face it! Things will not always be rosy and smooth as we’d like them to be. We have to accept the reality that setbacks and difficult times will always come. A cherished relationship might collapse, a desired goal might fail and sometimes investments might collapse. And when it happens they bring so much pains but how we react to these situations makes the difference in life. I said on Facebook few days ago that “failure is an event unfortunately some people have turned it into a brand identity”. Failing doesn’t make anyone a failure just like driving your car to work doesn’t make you a driver. The frequency of your driving nonetheless you never consider yourself as a driver yet you do it every day; so how come you fail once and you then conclude you are a failure.

Every champion you know has a story of defeat, it’s just part of the cycle and it is very important we begin to realize that failure cannot be completely avoided it can only be minimized. The only business person who has never lost money is the one who has no business at all. I love stories of rebound, I love to study people who failed and bounce back. For example this season I am going to be after the Golden State warriors to see how they handle their upset from last season. And guess what they are coming back big time! I usually do not consider you are successful without a stirring story of rebound. Anybody can succeed but it takes a strong man to stand up from a fall and keep on moving. One man whose story inspires me so much is the now world fastest man Usain Bolt. Writing about Usain Bolt, Pastor Wole Soetansaid “Lightning Bolt he has proved that when he is down, he can come back up and when he’s up, he’s up the highest.”

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The World Athletic Championship of 2009 in Berlin Germany was a glamorous moment for Usain Bolt, who shattered three world records in just that event alone. In 2008 he had stunned the world with a record sprint at the Olympic Games in Beijing. No doubt he was a star and everyone wanted to host him, meet him and get his autograph, Usain was superstar. He was doing tours and attending shows and events which was really not a bad idea because stardom has it prices too. However his epiphany game when he returned to the tracks in Stockholm in 2010 losing the first place to his old rival Tyson Gay. Afterwards his superhuman status began to be questioned and the once larger than life sprinter status became just another guy. The worst was still in the basket for Usain, at the 2011 IIAF Championship with the world watching him closely Bolt made a false start in the 100m men’s final adding insult to the previous injury but that was not the end of the story. It was a bitter moment for him and his countrymen.

It’s very easy to fall and stand up when nobody knows you but to fail right before the eyes of the global community and get up again that’s is phenomenal. If Usain Bolt had backed down after those two failed outings maybe we could have understood and properly felt bad for him too, but the man was not done yet. Coming back at the London Olympics in 2012 Usain was unstoppable with an emphatic win in the 100m and 200m group and 2016 at the Rio Olympics he did again in grand style. Usain Bolt has one goal and one aspiration “to become a legend”. And right before all of us he is making that a reality for all the world to see, not even two consecutive failures could hold him back or stop him. A true legend is the one who knows how to get up and fire on when he falls.

There is no deficit too bad to be overturned on this side of eternity. No matter how terrible the defeat was you can rise and start again and go on to win.Quit listening to the voice on the inside that is telling you to give up. It’s not over until you have won. Your mess will eventually become a message and your pain will become an inspiration. Don’t run away and hide in shame, step off the train of regret, it will get nowhere. You may have lost some very important time, people and resources but don’t worry, the best is yet to come. The best days are not behind you, they are right ahead you. Don’t bury your head in defeat, you have mourned that relationship enough, you have bled enough now bind your wounds together and stand up on your feet.

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The best thing you can do with your past defeats or pain is to learn from them and let them go. No one drives a car looking backward, it is time to reroute your mind’s eye to the future. There is dying for in your past, nothing no matter how precious it was is worth dying for. Pains are pills that strengthens you for your next level of breakthrough, embrace the pain, learn from it and let it go.The weak sees failure as a stumbling block but the champion sees it as a stepping stone which are you? You’re better than this! God cares about you, and guess what there are over one Million cells in your who cares about no one else but you. I believe in you, please don’t give up because I want to hear your story too. It’s time to bounce back!

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