5 Facts About Love You Should Know Before Marriage

5 Facts About Love you Need to Know Before Marriage

Love is a beautiful thing, it gives you butterfly in your belly but at the same time it can give you a broken heart that can destroy your own life if you don’t have adequate knowledge about it. We will be discussing some serious facts you need to know about love before you fall in love, this will help you to know what you are getting into and what you should be expecting from your partner.

love is not emotionsLove is not emotions

You shouldn’t mix love with emotions, they are different, if your love is working on emotions then there is every probability that you are going to be confused about love and probably walk into the wrong love. Emotions are stimulated by chemicals, and one important thing will know about chemicals is that they are unstable, which means they fluctuate depending on the reaction that occur.

When you see a lady, whatever you see in the lady (the eyes, lips, hips, or breast) will send a signal to the brain which then releases a chemical that flows through your vein all to your heart which now beats faster than normal and paint the whole picture to you as love, then you interprets it to be love, why am I feeling like this? That’s your adrenaline at work with your emotions which gets you excited.. When this happens then you will believe you are in love but checking deeply, you will realize that you fell in love because of what you saw which is more of infatuation than love

Which is why some men can love as many women as possible because when they see the first one the chemical reaction happens, then they start to think they are in love and when they see another lady, another signal is being sent therefore releasing another feelings in them which makes them also love the other lady, but what happened to the first lady he said he is in love with?

Emotions are chemicals, when you feel for someone it is an emotional chemical reaction and chemicals change every 5 seconds which means that person your emotions pushed you to love today you might stop loving him/her tomorrow. So if you fall in love on adrenaline, excitement, infatuation then the problem is the feeling that you called love will soon go away and you will say I don’t love you anymore. Which is the main reason we have problems in relationships and marriages because people fall in love on adrenaline, hence an engaged person will leave his/her partner for another person because the adrenaline has stopped working for that person and has began to work on another person. Check yourself before you get deep in that mess; are you in love on adrenaline? Or are you sure your partners love for you isn’t pure emotions?

love is a choice

Love is a choice

You need to understand that love is a choice, the moment you understand that and try to make use of it the better your relationship will be. When you make love a choice, it means you are choosing to love this person not that you love this person because of what the person is doing for you but you decide in your heart to love the person, which means no matter what that person might do to offend you, to annoy you or to make you happy, it won’t matter or change anything you still love the person. Most times people love with conditions, you might not noticed it but just examine yourself, you will discover your love is on condition. Oh that man is very caring, that’s a condition and immediately he stops caring, your love for him will stop and that’s when you will start complaining, you are not the man I used to know. That’s what conditions do to love, it gives you expectations and failure to meet the expectations result in disappointment, getting hurt.

love is understanding the value of a thing

Love is the response to understanding the value of a thing

when you place a value on something and you understand the value then you will cherish that thing. Let’s say you buy a rolls Royce, I am very sure you might decide to build a special garage for the rolls Royce, you might even decide to double the security in your house or maybe you didn’t have any security before the rolls Royce but immediately you buy the rolls Royce you are going to make arrangement for security. It can even get to the point where you wake up once in a while in the night to check the car. Anybody that scratches the car, no matter how little the scratch is, that person is surely in trouble because you won’t take it lightly with the person. That’s what they called value, its one major thing missing in our relationships and marriages today. If you put great worth on your partner then you will treat them accordingly like they are your best asset in the world. Anything short of that should be avoided

Love is a force generated by decision

An object they say is in a state of rest unless being acted upon by an external force. That external force that will act on your love is decision, the love you exhibit is the result of the decision you make. When you fail to show love to your partner, it’s because you have decided in your heart not to forgive him/her for the wrongs they did, for this decision hatred will be the result manifesting. If you find it hard to show love to your partner, then it’s not your partner that has a problem, but YOU, your decision is affecting your action. No matter what your partner try to do to please you or show you love, you won’t see love in it because you have made your decision, so your eyes will be closed to their actions.

If you want a different result, if you want your marriage back then you need to start by changing your decision, then make use of point number 5

love is an act of willLove is an act of the will

Where there is a will, there is a way. You know there is no reward for loving those that love us but there is a big reward for us if only we could show love to our enemies, those that did bad to us, those that are wicked to us, that’s what Jesus preached. Love those who used you, love those who persecute you, before his death on the cross Jesus said, forgive them father for they don’t know what they are doing. If it were to be you will you say that? Or will you call down fire to burn them? Will you seize their breath? But that’s not what love is, love is making a decision to love that person you can’t get along with

That’s the kind of love you need for marriage because the person you married will annoy you, disappoint you and maybe be your enemy once In a week or month but that decision to still love him/her in the midst of it all is what the marriage will survive on and that’s knowledge which supersedes love because without that knowledge and understanding the love will die the moment your partner disappoints or hurt you.

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Are you in a relationship and your partner refuses to do the normal thing because he/she is angry, then you need to move on, you are not yet on the right ship. For example, maybe your partner always check your mail for you because he has access to it why you don’t but because you had a little fight or misunderstanding he refuses to check your mail for you, if you love yourself, as you are reading this, run for your life.

It’s not the best relationship for you and definitely it won’t be the best marriage either. It means maybe after marriage he gives you allowance every week or month, if you offend him or have any fight or misunderstanding, he will stop giving you your allowance. That’s not love, if you see the signs now, you need to run before it’s too late, don’t tie the knot and complain later. Be warned, love is supposed to be an act of will, make sure you follow the person that have adequate knowledge about it and are exhibiting it

If you are reading this article, you are on the right path to having a TILL DEATH DO YOU PART RELATIONSHIP, with your partner or partner to be.  It’s only mature people that agree they don’t know everything and make effort to increase their knowledge and develops their mind. WELL DONE. I encourage you to read more of our articles and tell your partner, friends, family members, and anyone you can about us and share this article. We will also appreciate your feedback and what you think about our works. 

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