Why You Need to be Very Sure Before You Say Yes I Do

yes i do

Life is so complicated that people fail to recognize a true partner ‎from a devil incarnate. When it comes to marriage or relationship an adage states that; even though we have clothes like our aged parents we can’t acquire rags like them, because our parents have greater wisdom/exposure when it comes to marital issues than we the youths which result to choosing a partner due to peer pressure, negligence and desperation.

My focus is based on a true life story of what happened to a friend of mine who passed on three months ago, she was in her early 30s when she got married to a guy named Bolaji. Bolaji and Bisi (my friend) attended the same university and courted for close to 10yrs. During their courtship stage, Bisi never for once introduce her fiancé to her parents until one faithful day that she travelled to UK, she told her bf Bolaji to go to her parents to introduce himself to her parents since she is out of the country.

He came as promised and introduces himself as Bisi’s fiancé, but from all indications and after various discussions with bisi parent they told him they will get back to him and he left. Bisi parent decided to consult their pastor to pray along with them about the union of their daughter to Bolaji. After series of consultation it was revealed that their union will be fruitful; but their future together is not guaranteed. Bisi flared up that never she can’t back out of the relationship now either her parents like it or not she is going ahead with her wedding to Bolaji and at the end of it all they got married

In Between 2 yrs of their union God bless them with a baby girl named Funto. When Funto clocks1 Bisi told Bolaji to set her up business wise, Bolaji said he will she should relax, they later had another baby girl named Banke; Bisi repeated the same thing which she has been trying to explain to her hubby she needs to engage herself than sitting down at home taking care of kids alone the husband said she should relax giving her empty promises. At the end of it all after so much persuasion, he decided to frustrate the life out of Bisi which later led to her death mysteriously 3 month ago.

Meanwhile before Bisi untimely death Bisi parents have been asking Bisi various question that does she want to become a full housewife, tell your husband to establish for you business wise what is happening or should we talk to your husband on your behalf but Bisi keep covering up for Bolaji that he will establish for her at the right time he is already making plans for her. After her death Bisi parents called for a meeting with Bolaji and his family that Bisi kids are still young let them take custody of their grand-daughters once they re matured in age that Bolaji family can have them. Bolaji refused totally to the suggestion and said he is their father he can’t leave his kids for anybody to take care of,is either him or nobody else. This led to a vacuum in the heart of Bisi’s mum she wishes her daughter had listened to her….

‘CUUUUT’ let me drop the cotton there; I just want to make some point known to us about marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing and has beautiful has it is, it’s also a beautiful dangerous union. How can something be dangerous and beautiful at the same time? That’s marriage for you, this is why we need to be very sensitive, don’t take marriage for a joke, don’t take it for granted. I am not trying to scare you but what I am saying is the fact everybody should work with. When you know the evil, they say it can no longer harm you, it’s not that it won’t try to harm you but because you know its evil then you will avoid it and it won’t allow it hurt you and if it eventually hurt you, then the fault is in your hands. Yes, the fault is yours, what bothers me is that people know about all this marriage problems but still they do little or nothing about it before they get involved in marriage.

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Maybe it’s because they were blinded by love, Hmmm don’t allow love fool you into a pit because by the time your blinded love will receive the sight, you might be long gone in the pit. Make sure your eyes are wide open before you make the choice; we read the true life story of Bisi above, how her destiny and life was cut short yes marriage can do that to you. Marriage can make you or break you; marriage can build you or destroy. What happens between Make or Break, Build or Destroy depends on the choice you make, can you see? It’s still your fault because the ball is in your court. This reason is enough for you take your marital life serious, put it to God and be very sensitive because if you miss it you might lose it all.

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