Violence in Marriage Should be Avoided


Video: Angry wife beating her husband

I came across this video; it was an extract from a movie, can’t remember the title of the movie though. What I want to bring out from the video is the way the woman was beating her man. By just watching this clip, what can you say has happened? What’s your opinion about the scenario?

Like I always say, marriage is beautiful and at the same time dangerous, all you have to do is pick which one you want, maybe a beautiful marriage or a deadly marriage. Don’t forget your picking is dependent on you and the spouse you decided to marry.

We have lots of wife beaters, men that batter their wife, I understand a woman’s mouth is sharp and can tear up even a well-built grown up man into pieces but beating isn’t the correct measure for it. This video is the opposite, it’s the wife that is doing the beating, wife beating the husband is not that common but it happens.

Violent in relationship and marriage should be discouraged and should be a topic of discuss to enlighten people on what to do.

Some people are in this scenario presently, they are frustrated, sad, depressed and don’t know what to do. It can be corrected with the right approach, you have made the mistake but your mistake shouldn’t kill you, the next thing is for you to make amends. And if you are still single, you still have the chance not to make that mistake, are you using the chance well? Prevention is always better than cure or maybe you are even not married yet but you are in a relationship with a man who beats you/slaps you or a woman that frustrates you/beats you and you are managing it. I will tell you to walk away because you deserve better than that and you don’t have any problem, the problem is them.

Don’t endure violent in your marriage because cases like that have resulted into death, if you are going through something like that you need to speak up, talk to people and allow people to help you. Refusing help and shutting people out of your life will make the matter worse; also a point to take note of is you should stop whatever it is you do that stir up the beating. What is that thing you do or you say that gets your husband angry and make him beats you.

I am not saying your husband beating you for what you have done is good, but I am saying you need to do everything to make yourself safe from violent because you might say he cannot do anything and he might end up killing you by angrily by mistake. So the best thing is to avoid it

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