Submission Does Not Mean Slavery, Men Take Note



This is a delicate situation in a relationship and marriage but people don’t really know about submission. This is what most men want from a woman and even the bible tell it specifically to the women that they should submit to their husband. There are some women that find it difficult to submit, this so because of maybe the things they have witnessed through submission. I’m not saying it’s bad for a lady to submit to her husband. In fact it’s one of the most important thing a lady should do for her to have a good marriage but men also have roles to play in this act and process of submission.

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Some men want their wife to submit to them without them playing their roles. Even in the bible God point out the roles men should play before pointing out that women should be submissive. It’s a two way thing, do you part and I do mine. When God said women should submit, he didn’t say they should be taken for granted and be a slave. The man must guide and protect the submissive wife, if you are not doing this, then I guess the wife will have to protect herself and I don’t see her submitting. So that’s not her fault. This is like a boss not paying the workers salary and expects the workers to be at their best with work. It’s not possible

Let me say this, when I was growing up, I find it hard to submit to my dad because his ways are not my ways, imagine this, I am not the wife, I am the child and I’m having problems submitting, what do you think the wife will be facing. Men are to lead the home, the family, the woman. But the woman can only follow and be submissive when the leader is a good leader, when the leader knows what he’s doing, when the leader has no selfish interest at heart, when the leader put the feelings and conditions of his followers first. A leader can’t lead his followers to a danger zone the first time and expect the followers to follow his commands the second time.

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Ok let’s say the followers now gave the leader a benefit of doubt that what happened the first time was a mistake and they followed the second time and the same thing happened. Do you think they will want to follow again? When people, especially men hear the word submission they tend to put the whole load on women and all the blame on women. She’s not submissive, she’s stubborn, she’s arrogant but have you checked yourself as the leader God has made you, to see if you have led your submissive wife to her glory or her doom

You as the man, you work for a boss and this boss of yours always mislead you, he always tell you to do things that you know will have side effects on the company and on you. Tell me will you continue to be submissive to this kind of boss? I doubt it, this is how some women feels when it comes submission

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Here are somethings that hinders submission.

Integrity: integrity is key in life, not only to your wife but to everybody. I cant be your friend and you have lied to me severally and still want me to believe you. I will stop believing you and taking to whatever you tell me. So if you are a man that lies a lot, and you want your wife to submit to you, I’m telling you it might be difficult because she has trusted you severally but ended up disappointed. Because of this she can’t trust you for whatever you say anymore and you can’t blame her for the decision you have to blame yourself. Number role of a man to his submissive wife is to be a man of his words. Always keep to your words and promises. Be truthful

Don’t be selfish: if you are taking decisions at home or in you relationship and it’s a biased decision it won’t allow your woman trust your judgement. She can’t leave a decision that concerns her for you to take because she knows you will favour yourself without even considering her feelings and emotions. So instead of submitting she will wants to fight for her right which she knows her husband won’t do for her and if she’s doing this she can never be submissive.

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Be a good Leader: it’s the job and the role of the man to lead his wife and family, if you don’t know the qualities of a good leader, I will ask you to get a book that talks about leadership so you can be a good leader. There is every probability that your followers will revoke against you if you are not a good leader. So if you want your wife to be submissive you need to be a good husband and leader.

Being submissive isn’t fully in the woman’s hand, it must also be supported by the man. Ladies if you want to have a healthy marriage and relationship, you must submit to your husband and also respect him. Only loving him won’t help you in the journey of marriage and if you truly love him, you must submit to him and respect him. What’s even love without respect?

Guys give your woman necessary fuel for her to submit to you and woman don’t take your man for granted, submit and respect him.

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