Reasons Why Divorce is not the Solution to a Bad Marriage


Reasons Why Divorce is not the Solution to a Bad Marriage

This is a very delicate situation to deal with in marriage. I donÂ’t preach divorce, thatÂ’s why I always warn before you go into it. But what I noticed about people is,
1) They donÂ’t look deep before taking decisions about the person they should spend their life with.
2) They donÂ’t look at their errors and mistakes; they just look forward and look at their partnerÂ’s mistake.

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What they donÂ’t know is, if they leave the said husband and get married to another husband, they are getting into it with their mistakes they ignored and chose not to look into which can still destroy the second marriage.
According to research 60% of first marriage ends up in divorce and 70% of second marriage ends up in divorce. The percentage of the second marriage is more than the first marriage because both parties in the second marriage will have less patience compared to the first marriage. For a marriage to be at the verge of divorce, trust me there are some things you are not doing right. Except you do them right, you wonÂ’t enjoy your marriage even when you leave for another marriage.
You chose the man and woman to be with, nobody forced them on you. So what changed? What happened? That wants to result into a divorce.
Before taking that rash decision, going through the process of divorce, signing files and all, don’t you think it is necessary to have a second thought, consider some salient points and possibly answer some questions

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1. How would my kids feel about this? Can i take care of them alone?

2. Am i really ready to move out?

3. Can i fix this problem?

Yours can be as bad as it seems but it is really necessary to consider the side effects a divorce can cause you, your spouse and the kids most especially!!!.

Divorce is one of the social problems of this modern society. Actually, everybody who is involved in divorce suffers a lot, although, in some cases, the separation of the parents becomes a relief for everybody in the family but such cases, unfortunately, are
very rare. Therefore, it is possible to say that Divorce does more
harm than good to the family.

Firstly, There is no smoke without fire, before the Divorce, there must have been problems which probably started has a minor issue before progressing to a major one, thereby making life intolerable for the man/woman. Such problem might include cheating, alcohol, confrontations, and humiliation and so on. The most common psychological reactions on the decision about divorcing are sleeplessness, anger, drugs, fear etc which can result in the divorcing adult drinking, smoking etc. which can also result in his/her losing his/her job,
medical situations or even harming the society as a whole

Finally, Separation of the father and the mother affects the children most, it brings a lot of changes in the children’s lives like loneliness, sadness, nervousness and so on. Which can result in failure academically, truancy and other problematic behaviour and such
result may lead to the child having suicidal thoughts, confusion etc. Unless, you want that for your child (ren), then you can think of filing a divorce.

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Sometimes, the problems that cause divorce can easily be fixed; it requires time, understanding, and commitment and so on. Both parties can come together and resolve the issue at stake and save their marriage, themselves, the kids and the society at large.
PS check yourself, search deep and donÂ’t leave any stone unturned on where you are getting it wrong. Correct your mistakes and you will be happy at the end. If you are still single, good for you, you still have time to make the right decisions. DonÂ’t leave any relationship without you finding out where you go wrong, try to correct it before getting into another relationship

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