How to Avoid Nagging as a Wife


There are things women do that results in them nagging which they don’t know themselves

As much as he loves you, he also needs sometime (me time) outside ‘our’ time to achieve or do other things.

God has wired us in different ways and so we communicate differently. Every second is not for a chat, every minute is not for laughter, every hour is not for jokes. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against you having fun and being happy around your sweetheart.  But you just have to learn and understand how a man thinks and why he behaves the way he does.

Let’s imagine if you were doing your make up to go out and hubby comes around wanting to play with you. I guess you won’t get through that at the right time; that’s how a man feels when you come ‘disturbing’ while he’s watching football, news, while typing a document on a laptop and while doing many other things. Your man sees it as disturbance. He needs focus at that moment and any distraction is a threat to getting his work done.

A man is always focused on something and when he’s bent on achieving something, sweetheart all you need to do for him at that moment is support and encourage him until he’s done with it. Now that’s love and sacrifice! He’ll learn to love you more when it becomes a success and even if it turns out otherwise. It’ll open him up to you.

Imagine hubby coming back home and all he talks to you about is how the match went, he talks with so much enthusiasm and he wouldn’t even mind if you hate football. All he needs to know is that you care about the things he has interest in even if you have no interest in them. This really makes a man happy. He’ll try to play his own part well in the equation. It’s amazing how men also use their brains you know. Sometimes it seems like your man is lost in his thought but sister, you don’t want to know what is going through that man’s mind. If he really opens up and spills to you what he was thinking all the while, you’ll be amazed.

Every man wants to be successful and this is just a route to getting there. They analyze things, calculate, picture and imagine the best of things, what and how much work it will take to get there.

Please when next you see a man in that state, please be considerate enough to let him on it for a while. Stop assuming he’s always thinking of someone else. What to do: get him talking at the right time, ask what you can do to help him achieve whatever it is he intends to achieve, encourage him and most importantly, pray for and with him.

I wouldn’t say much on the ‘drama queen’.Your husband is your partner, team mate, friend and not a fellow actor in the comedy scene. Stop all the drama, whining and nagging it doesn’t help in anyway. Your man will only keep increasing hatred for you. Whatever the issue might be, learn to settle issues amicably and respectfully with much understanding that you’re one cause the devil always wants to take hold of your marriage by bringing in little misunderstandings and petty issues that could flare up to something huge which can cost you your union. I bet you never want to get there so please, communicating well is important here.

Your husband loves you and you only fail to see that when you put on your drama coat and heels. It’s really not worth it. When you start doing the right thing, everything you desire will fall in place by the grace of God. We’re called to a life of union, unity, peace, patience, kindness and love.

We’re meant to enjoy our marriages and not to endure it so let God lead you right. Now many women will think I’m taking it out on them but really, we need to make things right and we need the consciousness of what we need to do. Men also have their flaws but we’ll address that soon.


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