Your Love Must not Have an Expiration Date; Fix it and Keep it Burning


We live in a computer age where science is flying everywhere, where patience is not the motivating word anymore which was replaced by dispose. Everything has an expiration date, but that only should apply to every man made thing which marriage is not part of, because it was not ordained by man but by God.

We live in a disposable, “cast-off-and-throw-away” society that has largely lost any real sense of permanence. Ours is a world of expiration dates, limited shelf life, and planned obsolescence. Nothing is absolute. Truth exists only in the eye of the beholder and morality is the whim of the moment. In such an environment, is it any wonder that people ask, “Doesn’t anything last anymore? Isn’t there something I can depend on?”

We buy a new phone now and six months later another phone is out and we believed that the other phone has expired or is of a low grade compare to the new phone that just came out. Therefore we dispose the former phone and jump at the new one.

These circles go round and round and if you really take your time to think deep about it you will know and see it’s not leading anywhere, you are still going around in the same circle. Most of everything created by man always becomes a low grade after sometime because they want to improve on it. This type of mentality is what we always put in our relationship and marriage. We are always readily to dispose the partner.

One thing I am very glad about is that humans are created by God not by fellow human. Because I can’t imagine human science waking up one morning and deciding to change our neck just because it has no elastic or because it can’t turn 360 and they send information around that the new neck is out with micro chip that makes you turn your head 360 and stretch it to some metres for $3000.  Isn’t that trouble?

Not everybody will be able to afford it, which put most people in the race for the money so they could buy one and be equal to the other humans that uses it as we do our gadgets and wheels.

Relationships and marriage isn’t supposed to be like that, it’s so different from the phones and gadgets. People wondering why marriages are failing, why the rate of divorce is sky rocketing but they fail to wonder the approach they are using and putting in the relationships and marriages that makes them fail

A man will be with a lady with big butt but as soon as he sees another lady with a bigger butt, definitely that other lady has expired and the next in line is the lady with the bigger butt just because he loves them with big butt and his wife’s butt is not what it used to be. But what he fails to understand is that there will always be another lady with a bigger butt, which means every lady keeps expiring till he dies.

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If only we could think deep and tell ourselves the truth, apple has created hundreds if not thousands of phones and they are still going to create more. It s good to follow the trend, discard old things and get new ones but this rule doesn’t work for our relationships and marriages

One man is not rich but caring and the other man is rich but not caring. A lady decide to date them both so as to complement them, she gets money from the one that is rich and go to the other guy for care. And when she is tired of the care or the money she discards either one of them. Is that what we are living for?

There is a quote I read, it was from a couple that has been married for the past 65years. The question was, how were you able to go this far? And the reply was, we were from the generation where when things got broken we fixed it not throw It away. The answer moved me; the reverse is the case in this generation. All what is programmed in our heads is dispose, discard, and throw away.

Some even are ready to throw away before it breaks and they see nothing wrong about it. I know some will be saying do you want me to die in a bad marriage, with an abusive husband. But the point is, you chose this man, nobody forced you to marry him. You saw him, took him home and called friends, families and even enemies to come to your holy matrimony to witness how you were be joined together. So my questions are what went wrong? Where was the faulty party in the marriage that you are not ready to look for and fix?

Anything you are using will surely get spoilt, you have been using a phone for the past 2years and you are expecting it not to develop any faults? Maybe that’s where the problem is, we don’t always expect it to have any faults, we want it to run smoothly all through its lifetime which is not possible, you have forgotten that you the human also develop fault sometimes.

When you develop faults why don’t you get rid of yourself? Why don’t you throw yourself away? Why don’t you dispose yourself? But instead you take yourself to the hospital where you will see the human doctor so he/she can fix you but you are not ready to take your marriage to the hospital so it can be fixed also. Isn’t that selfishness? Isn’t that wickedness?

You are using your marriage every day, morning, afternoon and night but you are not watchful of the faults it might develop along the line so you could fix it before it gets out of hand. If you think it won’t develop any faults, you are wrong or maybe your plan is to dispose immediately it starts giving fault, I will tell you to change your orientation starting from now as you are reading this article and change your mentality to how can I fix the faults my marriage will develop?

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Know this

If you are not rich enough and don’t have enough money but because others are getting that car you decided to go for it too and used all your money, you even borrow some to buy the car. What I need you to know is, buying the car isn’t the problem, the problem comes when you can’t maintain the car. If one flood light got broken, you will need to buy the two and it costs #250,000, you want to service it and you need #50,000 for servicing. Can you afford it?

If you are choosing a partner, take your time, no one is rushing you. You have all the time in the world, don’t let what’s not necessary blind your eyes. Choose a partner that you can both maintain each other knowing that you are going to spend the rest of your life with this person, no going back. If any problems surface we will fix it. An abusive partner might not be very smooth, which is why I am saying put your best to make a good choice because no matter what the problem might be, don’t throw it away, find it and fix it.

If you dispose your partner and get involved with another partner, if you are not ready to fix the faults and problems that occurs, you will soon dispose the other partner too because faults will always develop. That’s why we have some people that have been in and out of more than 2 marriages. There are some celebrities we can point too for that, both national and international ones.

Say to yourself, no disposing, no discarding, no throwing away, I will fix it. Yes I am capable; my love has no expiration date


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