Openness in Marriage Is Key Says Helen Oritsejafor


When Helen Oritsejafor was asked about marriage, openness in marriage is what she talks about using her own marriage as an example. She says there must be unity and openness, that husband and wife must be able to talk about anything and not hide anything

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“From the Book of Genesis, the Bible says Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed, she started. What normally brings secrecy into marriage is when one partner is cheating or there are some things taking place behind the curtains that the other party is trying desperately to keep.

In any case, put it this way, for you to achieve success or growth, for you to achieve that oneness that God has ordained from the beginning of that foundation, which is marriage; it is important that there is unity and openness.

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You must be able to be frank with each other. Let me tell you this, papa and I sometimes, I’m always very quick at telling him that lady is very beautiful because I love beautiful things around me. So I’ll prick papa and say look at her she’s so beautiful and papa will look at me and say can’t you see her legs? Her leg is like that of a duck. And there are times I could make such comments and papa will say yes you are right on point, she’s actually very beautiful.

So we are that open. If there’s anything I hate in life, is for anyone to make me think that there is something they know outside of what I know about my husband. Women don’t like that; they hate it with every passion.  They want to be sure that they know their husbands more because it is important that the wife knows the husband more because it’s now the wife living with the man. So anyway, openness in marriage is key.

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