Cypher is the adopted child of the Rivers family which comprises of Jones ( an intending basketballer ), Jessy ( an intending model ), mrs Joyce Rivers ( a banker ), and mr James Rivers ( a politician ) from the Poroto community of Rivers State.
Growing up, the name Cypher interest everyone that come across him because no normal human being will name their child a ‘Nobody’. This sometimes raise questions of his origin in him but the fact that the Rivers are the only family he knows, always kill this curiosity.
Mr James Rivers daily sound it to him that he is a nobody picked from the slum and that his parents sold him to them for a change while he was four years old, and that he should always be grateful that he is not living under a bridge. His children Jones and Jessy treats him no better, as
they make him do all the house chores and their laundry. The only menber of the family that treats him right is mrs Joyce Rivers. She daily encourage him to be positive about life and hireda special teacher for him that daily comes to the
house to teach him on the basics of education when others have gone out until Cypher could read and write on his own.

Another thing that got Cyphers curiuosity as he was growing up was the capital letter D scar on his left jaw. He asked mrs Rivers but she told him she had no idea how he got the scar. This became another puzzle Cypher must solve as he grows.

After completing his secondary education, Jones began his basketball career professionally, playing in competitions around the state, taking Cypher along as his bag handler. From his performance in the competitions, Jones met a basketball agent that introduced him to a professional basketball team coach that set up a trial session for him to get signed into his team. Jones passed the trials successfully and got a place in the team.

Cypher on his travels with Jones as his bag handler, became interested in the game of basketball so he started practising secretely. Whenever no one is home with him , he goes to the neighborhood and practice basketball with
whomever he meets at the neighborhood
basketball court and quickly return to the house after a good game. From his secret practices, Cypher became the best basket baller in the neighborhood, that every basketball lover in the neighborhood started whispering about him. But he never allow anyone know his home.

Oneday while on his practice adventure, a
basketball talent agent spot him and approached him for a chance to help in taking his basketball talent to the professional level. Cypher turned him
down but when he got home, the thought of becoming a professional basketballer brought a new picture to him about himself. One of him becoming someone important in the society , with a family of his own outside the Rivers family influence..

This became his driving dream. After some days of thought, he decided to break the news of his meeting a basketball agent to the Rivers family. Jones, Jessy, and mr James, made jest of him and reminded him of his place in the gutters. The only one that saw something from it was mrs
Rivers who encouraged Cypher to keep the
dream up. To prove them wrong, Cypher invited the agent over to his house to meet the Rivers and plead with mr Rivers to allow him follow his dreams. Mr Rivers turned him down and treatened to deal brutally with the agent if he find him
around Cypher again. The devastating reaction of mr Rivers to his dreams, made Cypher quit his basketball dreams and adventure until one day when he was on his regular bag carrier job with Jones.

Jones was on a critical game with his team. His team was losing. Jonnes got down on injury with no one as effective in shooting to replace him. Cypher got eager from the tempo of the game, and approached the coach asking to replace
Jones. The coach knowing him as Jones bag handler declined his request until the agent that spotted him at his basketball adventures came to the picture. Being a known talent agent, the coach decided to give Cypher a chance against Jones refusal. Cypher performed impressively and helped Jones team win the match.

After the match, the coach offered Cypher a place in the team but the agent advised him to turn it down and not return to the Rivers family since he is not sure what will happen next. Cypher seeing a viable point in the agents advice decided to take charge of his life for once and followed the
agent to Delta state where he started afresh as a professional basketballer for the Delta State Hoopers Team.

When Jones got home, he narrated to his father what had happened . Mr Rivers not willing to loose Cypher and allow him follow his dreams , got to the Nigerian police and lied to them that Cypher his house help made away with his ten
million naira. This made the Nigerian Poilce declare him Cypher wanted.

Meanwhile, the American NBA aware of how the game of basketball had grown in Nigeria, collaborated with the Nigerian Basketball Association and came up with a competetion to be held at the end of every Basketball Season . In the competition, which will last for a month, the two teams that makes it to the final will each receive one million dollar and the players of the
team that wins the competition will get a chance to tryout in various teams of the American NBA.The MVP ( most valuable player ) of the competition will get a special privilege to choose any team of his choice in the American NBA basketball league.

Cypher, now a professional basketballer with the Delta State Hoopers team, travelled down to Rivers state with his team for the competition one year after leaving the Rivers family, unknown
to him that he is a most wanted in that state. The draws for the teams meeting was made and the first team his team will meet is the Rivers State Basketball Team ( RSBT ) which Jones is now playing for, unknown to Cypher.

At the game, Jones and Cypher met as both of them were the main shooters of their teams, scoring the mostpoints. During the Second quarter break which Cyphers team was leading 34 – 26, with Cypher Scoring 26 points for his team , Jones found out his identity and called his dad, informing him of Cyphers presence in the state. Mr Rivers not wasting time called the police to renew the case, and brought them to the competition to arrest

Cyphers team mates and coach visited the police station after the game which they lost to Jones team 90 – 72. They were told that Cypher is a most wanted criminal that
made away with his masters ten million naira and would not be released until the money is Provided. Cypher begged a court hearing from his coach but was turned down. The coach not willing to spoil his teams name at the competetion, asked
him to forget his basketball career with them. A week later, Cypher was rushed to the hospital for attempting suicide at the police station, by hitting his head heavily on his cell wall.

Two things happened at the hospital. He met his real mum who was working there as a cleaner. His mum explained to him why she sold him to the Rivers family and also made it known to him that the capital letter D on his left jaw is the initial of his real name David. She marked him so whenever they meet in the future, she would recognise him.His agent the talent spotter brought the coach of another team ( The Lagos State High Flyers ) who admired him at his first game display.
Together, they got Cypher a fast court hearing which he won on mrs Joyce Rivers testimony against her husband.
On return to the competition at the quarter final stage, Cypher now a player for the Lagos State High flyers, changed his jersey name to David. Together with his new team mates and coach, they made it to the final beating other teams with Cypher leading the scores. Jones team also made it to the final.

At the final, David changed his jersey name to Cypher. As he enters the basketball court, the crowd gave him a standing ovation yelling his name. Jones seeing this, knew he has Cypher to contend with for the MVP title so he devised a means to put him out of play with his team mates.
The game kicked off and Cypher put his
team ahead successively at the end of the first three quarters scoring 45 points as his team leads 75 – 70. Jones leads his teams scoring as well hitting 36 nets. As the fourth and final quarter began, Jones alongside his teammates fouled Cypher while he was on the air for the ball
bringing him down agressively. This fractured his knee cap and got him leaping. His coach substituted him with his team mate Kerry seeing he can no longer continue the game. On Kerrys
entry to the court, he converted the foul awarded Cyphers team and got them leading with 8 points.Jones team now having an advantage got on point and equalled the score. Cypher team fought
back and got some points back. A minute to the end of the game, Jones team was in front leading
with eight point. Cypher suggested to his coach to call for a short break. At the break, he gave his jersey to Kerry . The moment the audience saw his jersey, they started yelling Cypher! Cypher! Cypher! This boosted Cyphers team and got them
to put their best to the game that at the end of the fourth quarter, both teams were levelled at 92
points each. This took the game to a final five minutes which Cyphers team won by just a point at 105 – 104.

Cypher was awarded the MVP trophy for his influence in his team and the competition,

MORALS _-_-_- Your Background is not an excuse for your Back to Be on The Ground. If Cypher from a Nobody became Somebody Important to his family and society, you also can. Start now.

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