Want To Know Why Men Leaves You? These Are Why



Being alone is no fun. Even if you are all for loving oneself before anything, yet, at some point in life you are bound to feel the need for human companionship. And there is nothing wrong with it, of course. There are so many among us who are on a perennial need and hunt for love – trying to find it everywhere they go,  anyone they meet. If all of the Adele songs seem like they speak your mind, then here’s a piece of advice for you. Before trying to embark on a journey of forever love, do some soul searching as to why love eludes you. Most importantly, try to figure out the reason/s why men quit you.

I am not implying that you are unlovable, I am just saying that there might be some underlying problem, some unsolved issues that might be hindering your love life and making the guy in your life run the other way. Read on to know how you can ensure that the guy stays, and stays for a long time…maybe forever.

So here are a few reasons why men might be quitting you.

1. Clingy .

Men do not believe in rushing to commitment. They need their time, space and reasons. That’s why when a guy makes the commitment, know that it is for keeps. If you act all clingy and keep hinting that it is commitment you are looking for, and you want it soon – then all you are doing is sending out a message that you are emotionally unstable. Of course that’s enough to send any guy packing his bags. Men not only love, but even immensely respect girls who are emotionally stable and confident. So if you don’t want Men quitting you, make sure that you exude confidence.

2. Being preoccupied.

So you are a independent, hard working, workaholic woman. All power to you girl. However, it is important to give your man your time and attention too. Don’t be so preoccupied that your man feels taken for granted and neglected. The key is to find a work and personal life balance.

3. Your life is already full.

Weekdays are for your office colleagues. Weekends is brunch, shopping, movies and outing with your girl friends. Feativals and celebrations is with cousins and family. Anything amiss here? When do you plan to give time to your man? If your life is already so full, your man is bound to feel left out. Take hold before it’s too late and take a romantic break assay from all the hustle bustle.

4. You have a phobia. Commitment phobia.

If the very mention of the c-word send you feeling, then we have a serious problem, girl. While guys don’t rush to commitment, it surely is on their mind. If your overall demeanor shouts out loud that you are not looking for commitment ever, any guy would think twice before getting in a relationship with you. Guy or girl, commitment can be intimidating. I know. But it’s nothing to be so scared of. Consider the piaitives – you will have someone to spend your life with, a compa ion for all your hapoiness and sorrows. Go slow, but make sure you reach there.

5. You are too easy.

You know what’s better than being in a relationship. It is the chase, the romance of initiating a relationship. Trying to impress the person, dressing and trying the witty one liners. It is all so exciting. For your part, playing hard to get, giving in just a bit. That’s what makes the relationship so exciting. If you are way too easy. if you say yes to going out with anyone who offers so, if you don’t play a little hard to get – you are ruining it for yourself. Guys start judging girls who are way too easy. So girls, set a standard and set it high. it will do you a world of good.

So girl, don’t lose heart . Possibly, the guys have been quitting you because the right way hasn’t reached you yet. Calm down, breathe and do your best

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