Why Girls Determines What Happens In Relationships

Why Girls Determines What Happens In Relationships

Most ladies always think a relationship should be determined by a man, but it’s not so, ladies determines what happens in a relationship


Most ladies always think a relationship should be determined by a man, but it’s not so, ladies determines what happens in a relationship. A typical man doesn’t have taste, they ask any lady out and can actually sleep with any lady. Whenever I tell ladies that what do they have that’s different from other ladies, that can make a man want to go extra miles, go to any lent just to make her his wife.

They always flare up and start throwing angry questions at me, like, what does the men also have? Must it always be the ladies? A man must have something too that will make him different from other men, and this always make me laugh. The reason it makes me laugh is this, you know when you collect chocolate from a small kid, the kid starts crying and all the kid will believe in his mind is that this man hates me. That’s the case with the ladies, they always believe every advice given to them is to make them suffer and to make them the inferior sex but reverse is the case. The advice is to make them the better sex and also to make them unique and happy If only they can get the points.

The remaining article will be an illustration to help you understand. The relationship, the asking out between a man and a woman should be compared to the one of a buyer and a seller. I know some are getting angry already that how will I compare relationship to just buying and selling. Well if you will calm down and read further you will understand as I explain myself.

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A buy is the person that wants to buy or that’s buying or that has bought whatever it is you are selling. For a relationship to start, it’s the man that must ask the lady out, this process of the guy asking the lady out is what I called buying. This process always take time because the buyer must price, this pricing in a relationship is when the guy is doing everything to make the lady accept his advances. If the pricing doesn’t go well with the seller, the seller won’t sell. Not selling is the lady telling the guy NO. What I’m trying to bring out here is, if you have been to the market before, or maybe you sell stuffs too, you will notice that there are lots of buyers that will come pricing, serious ones and less serious ones.

There are some buyers that buy goods they don’t need, some buy the goods, use it for sometime and abandon it, some buyers just want to have a taste and some buyers love the products The same thing goes in a relationship, serious and less serious guys will come knocking at your door to ask you out. The ones that want to just sleep with you, the ones that doesn’t have plans for you, guys that just want to use you and abandon you and guys that really loves you and want to make you there wife. The problem now is how to differentiate them from each other which is where the seller comes in


A seller is a person that have goods and products for sale. A seller mostly stays at his/her shop waiting for the buyer to come, a seller doesn’t force his/her goods and products on the buyer. The seller here are the ladies, they dress up, looking gorgeous and wait for a guy to come ask them out, then they start pricing. There are sellers and there are sellers, there are some sellers that anyone can go there to buy goods, there are some sellers that not everyone can buy from them but most people can buy from them and there are also some sellers that it’s just meant for few people.

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The last type of sellers is what the ladies should work on becoming, a lady that won’t fall for everything, a lady that knows what she wants, a principles woman. This type of seller have standards, they are not rude to customers but still won’t beg customers to buy from them. They package there goods well and they make there goods, products and handwork speak for them. They are nice, jovial, free but strict, any buyer that goes there knows he’s going there to buy. They don’t have many customers but the few customers they have treats them well. They select their customers and they never for once lack customers because they give a very good products and this keeps every customer coming back for more because they feel they can’t get any better product elsewhere.

At times because people like cheap and free things, they might leave and go to a seller that is selling cheap things but this type of sellers are not bothered because they know, nobody can give them a better products that they will come back which is how they get to know their true and loyal customers. This is how every lady should be, don’t fall for everything and anything, be unique, stand out, be special, make a man feel if this lady isn’t in my life I can never be complete and you will be happy with yourself, with your life and your relationship. You will differentiate a loyal guy and a guy that truly loves you by the way the seller knows their true customer. If he has for any reason leave you to meet a cheap seller(another girl) he’s not loyal.

The reason why it’s the ladies that should do the work is stated above but let’s say it again

1. It’s because most guys don’t have taste, they can sleep with anything, so it’s you the lady that must decide what you want.

2. Like the seller, many customers will come, many guys will come but its you the lady that will choose what you want

3. You are the seller and what a seller does is to sell good products and satisfy their customers (when I say satisfy I don’t mean through sex)

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