There are a lot of things that women believe about men before getting into a relationship, that makes them keep falling in and out of relationships . A lot of the times it’s things they know are not True about men but because it’s a common believe among their peers, they accept it and let them guide any relationship they get into. The observant ones along the line let go of these beliefs as they fall in and out of relationships. The ones that are not open to learning hold unto these beliefs and keep falling in and out of relationships until it becomes a lifestyle for them. Such beliefs include:
All men are not cheats. If you accept that all men are cheats you will keep falling for men that are cheats. It’s a common law of life that you attract what you believe. If you believe all men are cheats, it’s only men that are cheats that will come your way. It will be so because you will not be expecting the faithful ones. Even if you meet the faithful ones, your believe that he is cheating on you or he will cheat on you won’t let you give your all to the relationship. If this continue, you will loose him and blame it on all men being cheats, where as it was your belief that made you loose him. Every thing in life comes in two. There are faithful men out there as there are unfaithful ones. Let go off this belief and open your senses to the faithful ones. They will come your way.
believing this is as believing that being unfaithful in a relationship is better than being faithful. Fine, these so call bad men know a lot about relationship that the good ones don’t know most especially in the aspect of satisfying a woman sexually, I want you to know that they both see a relationship from different angles. While the good ones cherish their women and see them as the Queens they should be, these bad men that you think are the best to date because they know a lot about how to make a woman feel good most especially in bed, use women as experiments to get that knowledge you so cherish. What you should know is, they are never done experimenting. You might be a specimen for his experiments. It takes divine intervention for them to be done with their experiment. You don’t want to wait for that do you?
You can enjoy your relationship with your man learning and teaching each other things you need to make your relationship more interesting, sex included. A man that learn from you that you also learn from will cherish you more than the one that sees you as an experiment.
A lot of ladies are still making this mistake even when they know their current man is serious about them, all in the belief that nothing is certain. This gives them divided attention which their man spot. Yess, your man is not dumb. That he has not brought it to your attention does not mean he does not know that your behavior or attitude towards the relationship is suspicious. Men know when you are into them fully and when you are not. As good as some ladies are at pretending, they can’t still hide their having a side guy from a very observant guy. If he is the type that is faithful to you and wants your commitment, trust me you will gradually be losing him to another woman without you knowing until one day you will just be surprise he will call off the relationship and you might regret it because he is more serious and real with you than that side guy.
My advise, if you are into a relationship be into it, don’t keep a side guy. He might leave you yess, but your conscience will be good. Unlike when you were the one that made him leave you. I know you keep a side guy because of the uncertainties of a relationship, truth is you know a faithful guy when you meet one. Don’t loose that faithful man to that side guy that might leave you for another girl. What if the both of them are faithful to me? you will want to ask. Keep one and let the other one go before you loose them both.
Married men are married. Single guys are single. Dating a married man means you accepting that you are a side chick because he won’t leave his wife and children for you, except his wife is giving him hell to her fault and is not ready to change. You should also know that you are spoiling another ladys family by dating their husband. I am not here to judge anyone no, I am just pointing facts that should make you desist from believing this. They treat you like a princess because they know they won’t get married to you. You are just in their life for fun. You think they are treating you as you should as a woman until you see them spend time with their family. He will never give you the attention that he is giving his wife. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can take the place of his wife. That’s why he only take you to a hotel and bar, whIle he take his wife to recreational centre’s and holiday locations where they have a good time. The reason you think married men treat you better is because they are more wealthy than the single guys. If you meet a responsible guy that is well to do , the thought of dating a married man won’t even cross your mind because that feeling of putting another woman’s marriage at stake or the feeling of being in the relationship for fun and material gains won’t be there. Rather, you will be thinking about getting married to him and the fun of spending the rest of your lives together growing old in each others arms. Compare the scenarios and tell me which one is more fulfilling. Plus, when you are dating a married man, the both of you won’t be reasoning at thesame frequencies. He might be thinking about his wife and children while with you. A responsible single guy won’t do that. Once he is with you, he is with you mind, body, and soul.
Another reason why ladies settle for married men is because married men don’t have dramas like single guys. You believe that? Wait until their wife catch you with them and forget their Hills on your head or you coincidentally meet the other chick’s they are dating. She might end up forcing your weavon off your hair or raining abuses of you being a whore that she is also guilty of. Married men also cheat on their side chick’s. If they are caught, they show no remorse. After all they have a wife to go home to, not you.
Every good lady want any good relationship they get into to end in marriage but a lot of the times it don’t, so they end up heart broken. A lot of them end of sealing their hearts to love again, there by making the next man they meet suffer their not being committed to the relationship. Others take drastic decisions that ends in their being dead or ending up in prison or police cell. As day comes and day falls, we as humans get a lot of exposures and experience. We get to meet new people that makes us feel better and get to know more things about ourselves. We get to see new possibilities and get new opportunities. All these puts together affect our relationships. I remember thinking my best female friend back then was the most beautiful thing that has happened to me as a member of the opposite sex, that I did all I could to date her but she kept turning me down. This made me start thinking less of myself until I left that city to another city where I met more beautiful girls that accepted me as I was. Why did I bring this? You might be in a good relationship that you want to end in marriage that didn’t end up as you think , so are doing all you can to stick to it even when your partner has moved on and made it clear to you that they are no longer interested in you. Not every good relationship end up in marriage, my dear. The earlier you accept it, the better for you. Those things I mention above affect relationships. If it don’t end up in marriage it won’t. Never make the mistake of forcing it to work. It won’t. At the right time you will get a man that will love, cherish, and marry you. If he has moved on, you also should move on.
Not every guy that ask you out wants to be serious with you. A lot of them wants to just have fun with you and move on to the next girl. It’s advisable to know a guy before you give in to his advances except you want to have fun with him as well. If you want a serious relationship, you must have standards. Don’t just give in to any guy that ask for your number. Yess, you will meet them. What you should ask yourself when they come your way is, what does this guy want from me? If he is a smooth talker, there is a possibility that he will ask the next girl he meets on his way for her number as well. Be wise.
We all have our standards of living. There are things that you won’t take that others will. There are also things that are right in your sight that others see as wrong. Some things might just be you being yourself others will see it as you being puffy or showing off. Learn to consider these things before you get into a relationship. Too bad that a lot of places in the world see women as the weaker sex that must conform to the standards of men. They must do all in their place to please their man to the extent of conforming to his standards even if it’s not okay by her. Have your life. Learn to express yourself when it’s required. A relationships that won’t allow you be yourself is one you won’t enjoy. If you must go for a guy, let him be the one that your standards tally. A man that you can express yourself fully in his presence. A man that you Can be yourself with. Not one that you have to hide some things about yourself or your lifestyle to please.
Don’t get me wrong here, or quote me wrong. I don’t mean you engaging other ladies he is dating in a fight or using abusive words on them in a heated quarrel like ladies do, no. What I mean is, stand out from the other girls. Be to him what the others are not, trust me you will keep him. A lot of men need a lady that standout for them to come to their senses and stop double dating. I met a man at a bar, and we got into a long conversation that led to him paying for my drinks. Before our conversation, a lady walked into the bar and start fighting with another lady that was with a guy she claimed to be her husband to be, until the security men in the bar intervened and got them out to settle everything outside. The whole scenario got this man on my table smiling and laughing. Then he said, “that was me until I met my wife.” I was moved to lead him on. He then told me how he wasn’t satisfied with one woman until he met his wife and got married to her in just four months of their meeting. According to him, his wife was the only woman he has met that never bothered him about seeing other girls but she made him stop seeing the other girls with her attitude and got him to marry her within that short period of their meeting. My point here is, stand out from the other girls if your man is cheating on you and watch him do the job of letting the other girls go for you. Note, there are some men that are not worth fighting for. They will still continue cheating even when you stand out. You will know them when you meet them. Best way to know them, observe if they disrespect you by giving attention to the other girls they are seeing while with you, by taking their phone calls or chatting with them. The ones that will take you serious and stop seeing other girls when you stand out, won’t.
A lot of ladies make this mistake. They know the guy have habits they don’t like before going into the relationship, but they still go ahead with the relationship hoping to change him as the relationship progress. 99% of the times they regret their initial decision. A man that did not change before you met him will not change when they meet you. They might promise to change when you give them a chance, never believe it. They are only saying it to get you. If he has habits you don’t like, don’t make the mistake of falling for him to change him, else you might be influenced to start copying his habits. One of you must influence each other. Chances are, it will be you.
Many ladies believe that sex can glue their man to them. So, rather than work on their attitude, personality, and getting a life on their own, they work on getting better in bed. Satisfying a man in bed alone won’t keep him glued to you. Women that keep their men are those that have other things like a good character, a successful career, a good relationship with people, alongside being good in bed. Being good in bed alone won’t keep him glued to you. No matter how good you become in bed or how many times he sleep with you daily, a man that wants to leave you will leave you. Worst is, he might leave you for a lady who is not as good in bed as you are. Don’t get me wrong. Being good in bed is good in a relationship, but it shouldnt be all you bask in to keep a relationship.
Think before you leap.
Are there any points I left out, feel free to let me know on the comment session below.

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