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There’s a lot of advice, good and bad, about keeping a man happy in a relationship. The main thing is to respect your boyfriend or husband and treat him as you would like to be treated. You don’t need to follow each step of this article word for word — it’s intended as a guide. You can pick and choose what works for your relationship

1. Give him space when he needs it. Even if your man is head-over-heels crazy for you, he needs a little alone time every now and then, so don’t try to force your presence on him 24 hours a day. Make some plans without him and tell him he’s free to go play video games, have a beer with his friends or go for a solo run whatever he feels like.
This also gives you a chance to pursue your own interests and maintain a fulfilling life outside of your relationship.
Once you accept that you both need some personal space every now and then, you will be much happier as a couple and will enjoy and appreciate the time you do spend together a lot more as a result.

2. Talk through any issues. Instead of bottling up any issues or problems you have with your relationship (and letting them all explode in a whirlwind of emotion later), sit your man down and have a calm, reasoned discussion with him.
He’ll appreciate this much more than a potential screaming match down the road and will be much more inclined to listen to you and take on board what you’re saying, rather than going on the defensive.
You should also give him the chance to voice any issues he may be having. Really try listen to what he has to say and don’t dismiss his concerns. Your man will be much happier in the relationship if he feels like his feelings and opinions are valued.

3. Show a little love and appreciation. Most modern-day husbands and boyfriends are pretty amazing they do things like buy you flowers, cook you dinner and massage your feet after a long day at work. So reciprocate, ladies!
Don’t take all of the small, wonderful things your man does for you for granted, or as a given. Let him know how much you appreciate him and that you know how hard he tries.
When he does something nice for you, be affectionate. Give him a kiss or a hug or just tell him you love him. Knowing how happy he’s made you will make him happy!

4. Remember that a relationship is a two way street. Of course, making your husband or boyfriend happy is pointless if you are not happy.
A relationship works both ways, so if you’re putting in all of the effort and getting nothing in return, you have to ask yourself “is it worth it?”
Even if your relationship is going fine, there may be something else bothering you and making you unhappy. You need to fix this otherwise, your man will sense your unhappiness and start to feel unhappy himself, especially if is nothing he can do about it.

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