Common Traits Women Exhibit That Makes Men Leave Them


Common Traits Women Exhibit That Makes Men Leave Them

1 Marrying a man who is not the kind of person you want in the hopes that you will be able to change him into what you want. If the person you think you want to marry does not meet your basic requirements, trying to change him after getting married will only make both of you miserable.


2 Forgetting that your husband is supposed to be your companion for life, not just your lover. Most long-lasting relationships begin with two persons finding things in common and becoming friends–the kind that you can talk to and trust. Find a friend before you find a lover.


3 Refusal to compromise; neither of you will ever be able to get everything you want from each other, or from life. Couples who stay married long-term almost invariably are of the opinion that the secret to a long marriage is the ability to compromise, and to be willing to give as much as you are hoping to get out of the relationship.


4 Complaining; It’s not good to be negative. After a while this is like listening to a bad disco record over and over. Believe it. Conversely, don’t attach yourself to a man who expects you to be all sunshine and rainbows all the time, for then YOU will become miserable. Be authentic. Be real. Authenticity is very, very attractive.


5 Thinking men are all about sex. Giving it out early and often will not necessarily keep a man. Hint: How soon first sex happens, in and of itself, has little to do with how long a relationship lasts.


6 Focused on physical appearance. Being cute is not enough to land a well-rounded guy forever. If you get a guy to commit to you based on looks alone, stay tuned for a miserable life together.

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7 Taking no risks; Don’t worry about everything and have the guts to go for what you want. Be bold.


8 Having general problems. Yes, someone else in your past has nothing to do with your new guy. You must enjoy being a woman and be attracted to what makes men male.


9 Jealousy; unfortunately, jealous people may also cheat on their partners.


10 Critical; Studies say that when people criticize others, listeners tend to consign the traits criticized to the speaker him/herself. Are you a walking, self-fulfilling prophecy?

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11 Vanity; No guy likes a wife who goes around thinking she’s better than everyone around her. Positive self-esteem is good. Vanity is bad.


12 Don’t be controlling. If you are a controlling woman, you are not showing him the respect he may need to feel good about himself


13 Do not humiliate him or question his manhood. He will leave you for sure.


14 Control yourself, and watch what you are saying even if you are angry, frustrated, etc. You cannot get your words back.


15 Before going out of your way to get a man to marry you, consider why you would want to be married to someone who doesn’t want to be married to you.

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