How To Choose A Life Partner Step 4 of 4: Finding “The Right One”


1. Be proactive.

There’s someone out there for just about everyone all you need to do is go find this person. If you don’t make any effort to meet new people, try new things, or even leave the house, the odds that you’ll find the person who’s right for you can be seriously slim. So, if you’re looking to find your life partner, start by getting up and getting out! Try to spend at least some of your free time attending fun social events, getting to know new people, and just getting out into the world around you in general.
Most dating “experts” will recommend a proactive approach to dating. Some even rank it as high as your career in terms of the effort you should spend on it!

2. Meet people doing what you love.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend every Friday night in a loud, crowded, overpriced nightclub to meet potential dating partners, nor do you have to be an immaculately-dressed, debonair, Hollywood type. While these sorts of approaches work well for some people, most people will have the greatest success finding partners by simply exploring activities that they love. By doing this, you’re likely run into people with similar interests and outlooks as you, naturally leading to compatibility.
Even solitary hobbies can lead to opportunities to meet people! Love reading comic books and playing video games? Attend a convention! Love painting? Host an exhibition! Like writing? Attend a writer’s workshop! There are exciting activities for almost every interest out there, so start searching!

3. Be yourself.

You’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, so isn’t it reasonable to assume that both you and your potential life partner should be completely open about who you are? In fact, many people are unwilling to completely “open up” until they’ve gotten to know someone intimately. If you can stomach the idea, try to be completely true to yourself from the very get-go through all the stages of a relationship: asking someone out, going on your first few dates, getting to know each other more closely, committing to each other, and beyond! By doing this, you give your partner the chance to fall in love with the real you, rather than forcing them to “hold on” until you’re comfortable being yourself.

4. Don’t be afraid.

The path to finding your life partner can seem like a perilous one. It can seem like there’s almost no hope you’ll find someone who’s right for you, especially if you’ve recently had to deal with romantic setbacks. No matter what you do, don’t ever give up hope or give in to the fear that you won’t find someone. People all over the world struggle with the same sorts of romantic difficulties that you may be going through right now. Everyone periodically has personal setbacks. There’s no single “right way” to find your life partner, so don’t judge yourself against other people or couples. Don’t let negative thoughts derail your quest to find a life partner. Confidence, fearlessness, and persistence are key to finding the right person for you!
As an added bonus, confidence is generally considered quite sexy! Fearless confidence is a self-reinforcing trait that makes you much more attractive to potential partners: the more confidently you approach dating situations, the more relaxed you’ll be during them, the better time you’ll have, and the more confident you’ll be when you approach the next situation.

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