Guys have a lot of wrong orientations about ladies before getting into a relationship that are making them cheats and making the good ladies hard to come by. These days, the most used cliches of ladies in the circle of relationship is, “All men are cheats.” They say that because it’s becoming a lifestyles for men to cheat and get away with it, that faithful men are becoming few in numbers as the days goes by. Here are things you should not believe before getting into a relationship if you are eager to change this cliche of ‘all men are cheats’, like me:.
    It’s a popular believe that men are more smarter than ladies. That our brain functions faster and more smarter than that of ladies has not been proven. Where this men are smarter than ladies belief evolve from I can’t tell. I remember being beaten academically by ladies in my class back then in school, so many times. There was one time a girt topped my class academically for three years that we all the guys In the class had to team up for a group study to catch up with her. It was only one of us that beat her, and she beat him the following year. So this men are smarter than ladies I can’t understand. What annoys me most is, some men have resolved to comparing the brain of ladies to that of a fish, there by calling them fish brains. That you cheat and get away with it does not mean that you are smarter than the lady you are dating. A lot of the time they know, they will just tolerate you because of their feelings for you that you don’t return. Why some ladies have resolved to being in more than one relationship at a time. You are cheating on are and getting away with it does not permit you to call her fish brain or make you think you are sharper. Do you know her reason for being silent and letting you have your way might be her cheating on you as well? Ladies are as smart as we are. It’s thesame brain, thesame function. That they are more emotional does not give you right to think they are dumb. They are as smart as you are. They might not be handling issue as we do, fine, gender difference. It’s selfish to think ladies are dumb.
    There is this belief among guys that making a lady know she has competition makes her appreciate you more. It’s the reason the bad guys get the girls more than the good ones. They know how to make ladies jealous and want them more. If you are a good guy, never believe you are missing out. Ladies that appreciate you more for cheating are yet to leave their teenage fantasies. The more mature ladies go for men that will take them serious and be faithful to them to marriage. A lady that gives you go ahead to be a cheat is also into a relationship with another guy. Mature Ladies want their man to themselves and no one else. Why they will do all they can to be the only one you are dating.
    This is the major problem that ladies have with guys in a relationship. We feel it’s a normal thing for us to cheat, like we were wired to cheat, but ladies shouldn’t. If a lady cheats on us and we find out, we take it as an offense but if we are the ones on the cheating angle, we see it as a normal thing. It’s not normal if your lady cheating offends you. It’d same way it offends them. If you must get into a relationship, go into it to be faithful.
    The major reason why a lot of guys cheat is because they think it’s boring to date only one lady. Some times ago, I had a conversation with some of my friends over this cheating issue, this point took majority of the time we spent chatting. They went on and on about how dating one girl is as eating a particular kind of food over and over again and how you get bored doing it. I made it clear to them that dating cannot be Compared to food. The human body was designed to flourish from mixing up nutrient, a relationship is best enjoyed when you are faithful to your partner, but they kept trying to make me see reasons with them which I didn’t. I don’t understand why a woman’s body should be compared to food. Being faithful to your lady saves you the stress of lying, Having double standards, and the risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases that are everywhere. The greater your body count, the more your chances of contacting these diseases, so why put your life at risk over nothing. Alot of the times, those that says being faithful to your lady is boring has not given it a shot. They just assume it or jump on the wagon of guys that assume it. It pays to be faithful to your lady. Never believe that crap that says it’s boring, and dating one lady alone is like eating a particular kind of food for the rest of your life. A woman’s body is not a food for you to eat. Guys, learn to respect ladies. You can’t eat your food and still have it as you can’t eat your cake and have it, why compare a woman to food?
    I don’t know who came up with this idea that expressing your emotions to a lady make you weak as a guy, that we have so much accepted as a lifestyle. Common, that’s the whole idea of a relationship. Telling her how much you adore her, how much she means to you, how lucky you are to have her in your life, and showering her with love. This whole masculine thing does not work for me. I don’t know about you guys but I love to love. I enjoy expressing my feelings to people, it makes me feel better when I see them smile. Not to talk of my lady. We were created to love one another and express our feelings for each other. Even our fore father Adam expressed his feelings for Eve when he saw the wonderful work God did with his rib on the body of a woman. He said, “This is a bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh”, that’s poetic. Very sweet to hear. If the first man on earth can confess his feelings to the first woman, what makes you think it is wrong? Confessing your feelings to a lady does not make you weaker, instead it makes you a real man, stronger. Ladies complain these days that men are becoming unromantic. This is the reason. It’s okay to confess your feelings to your lady. Tell her how much she means to you, and how lucky you are to have her in your life, daily. It makes the relationship more interesting and fun to be in. Sing her favourite song to her, buy her roses, kiss her where she enjoys and let her know how you feel doing that and watch the magic it does.
    Some guys believe beating up a lady makes the bond in their relationship stronger, so they don’t hesitate to hit a lady at any slight provocation. This is a no go for me that you must never give in to. The bond in your relationship will only get stronger when you both respect each other. Hitting her is disrespecting her womanhood. Ladies were created to be respected and adorned by us not to be our punching bags. Thank GOD human rights activists are not taking this likely these days. Beating anybody up has never made anyone gained respect from anyone. Rather, it makes them despise the offender. Even an animal retaliate in anger when we hit them, why would you believe beating a lady up will make her love you the more? If you have been doing this, please desist from it.
    Sex is for pleasure and procreation. It is not a game that one person must loose and the other must win. I know it’s physical for men and it’s emotional for women, this does not make it a yardstick  to go the extreme in the name of getting maximum pleasure. Wanting sex hard has turned so many guys to drug addicts that if they don’t go on drugs, they can’t have sex. So many of them have become sex slaves and rapists. Sex is best enjoyed when you understand your lady and she understands you. This you can get by communication, not by going to the extreme of taking drugs. You don’t have to go hard on her to satisfy her sexually. Understanding her body will do the magic.
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