How to Make Your WIfe and Girlfriend Happy part 3 of 4 Going Beyond What’s Expected


Be romantic.

Every girl wants a guy with a sense of romance. Girls like to pretend (deep down inside, mostly; sometimes very literally) that they are stars of their own fairy tale, and they want to be treated like it. Show your girl that you care about her by putting a little effort into your romance.
Write her love notes. Notes don’t have to be long, mushy and poetic if you’re not the type. Quick and silly ones will do just fine. Try to make them cute (girls love things that are “cute,” like a drawing) as a way to show her that you care. Write the notes on actual paper, too. Also, a card once in a while will do. Write in your words how you feel.
Don’t email or text her this. Emails tell her you’re lazy and not willing to put in extra time for her. Be a man, put some effort into it, and write her a good, old-fashioned letter.
Tell her that you’re lucky that you found her. Tell her that she makes you want to treat yourself better. Tell her that from the moment you first saw her, you knew she was special. This is a great way to be romantic.

Be thoughtful

The small things matter the most. Be a gentleman. Hold doors open for her. Thinking of her means putting yourself in her shoes sometimes and wondering what you can give her or do for her.
Ask her if she’s cold when it’s cold out; have a jacket or a sweater handy so you can give it to her.
When she isn’t feeling well, or she’s sick, bring her some soup, hot tea or flowers. Hold her hand at the movies or when you’re walking. Get her something just because.
Small things like a single flower, a magazine you know she likes, a bag of her favorite candy or a chocolate bar will go a long way. Show her that you’re thinking about her.

Remember what she likes and dislikes

Being romantic is all about taking what you know about her and showing her how much these things mean to you.
How does she like her eggs cooked? What is her favorite flower? What about perfume? What does she enjoy doing when it comes to dates? What are her favorite books, and her favorite songs?
Remember what she likes to eat and cook it for her. Or remember what kinds of flowers make her feel womanly, and send them to her. Or remember what songs make her want to dance, laugh, and cry, and make a mix for her.

Remember important dates

This is a big deal with women. Birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones are all opportunities to show her how special she is to you. Keep an agenda or a calendar with all these dates.
When it’s her birthday, bring her a present (chocolates, gift certificates, shoes all work great) and send her some flowers. Don’t forget to write her a card, being funny and romantic about how she’s getting older but that, to you, she’ll always be as young as the day when you first saw her.
When it’s your anniversary, book something special for you both to let her know how much you appreciate and love her. Make a scrapbook where you keep all the ticket stubs of the places you’ve gone together, and jot down your memories of the dates.
Send her a Facebook video message where you tell her how important she is to you, and how you’ll never forget the first date you two went on.
Remember that women want to be spoiled on these occasions. Flowers at her door, dinner together in a nice place these things show that you care. Remember that it isn’t about the money, but the thought behind the action that counts

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