Why Your Happiness Determines a Successful Relationship


Happiness is from within, no one can make you happy except you make yourself happy.


If you are not happy yourself there is nothing you can engage yourself in that will make you happy. Even if you get into a relationship thinking that it will do the magic, you are wrong, it won’t because you might not even know the kinda relationship that will work for you. Reasons you need to be happy before you get into a relationship are:

1 when you are happy, you take the right decisions because you know what’s right for you, you know what you need and what you don’t

2 when you are happy, you will want to stay happy. By this you tend to distance yourself from anything that can stop your happiness. If you think the relationship you’re about to get into won’t bring you happiness, you won’t get into it because you don’t want anything that will bring sadness even if it’s your relationship. You will prefer to stay single till the right relationship comes along which is even better. It gives you more time to study and know yourself

3 when you are happy, you know more about yourself. For you to be happy, it means you have studied yourself and know what’s it right for you and what’s not. You already know what makes you happy and what doesn’t. So whenever you are happy it means you are doing the right thing about yourself and relationship

I knew a woman who was always in a relationship. You know the kind, maybe you’re the same yourself- the moment one relationship ended, another started. I asked her once why this was and she told me that she didn’t like being on her own, so she made sure it never happened.

When I got to know her well, she was with a man. Who was perfectly decent but who just didn’t give her the love she deserved. Why did she put up with it, I asked her. She patiently explained that she had no choice, because the alternative was being on her own and she couldn’t cope with that.

In the end, though things get really bad and he left. She braced herself for the breakdown she knew would follow. I saw her a month or so later and asked how she was coping, she told me fine, at the moment, I thought I would have fallen to pieces by now, but it’s obviously taking longer to happen that I expected.

I think it was six months before it finally drawn on her that she wasn’t actually going to break down at all. Three months later, she met a lovely guy who wanted to get serious and move in together before too long, but she resisted. She was having too much fun being on her own.

The point about this is that she stayed in relationships that were not good and put up with flak she didn’t deserve, out of fear of being on her own. But once she knew that she was happy on her own, she set her standards much higher and wouldn’t put up with second best.

She didn’t have to. After all, what was the worst that could happen? Well, she could end up back on her own again- but that wasn’t a problem any more. So the moral of this story is that you need to learn to be happy and secure on your own. That way, you will never stay in a bad situation for fear of being left alone. If it’s not working out, you simply leave.

Far too man people stay in unhappy relationships because they are scared to be alone. Rules players learn to enjoy living alone, so that when they do choose to throw in their lot with a new partner, it’s for the right reasons.

If you are happy, when you get into a relationship you will have many things to give with happiness and both you and your partner can share happiness and together be happy If you are not happy before you get into a relationship, most of the things that happens in the relationship will get you angry, you will complain about most of it which results to nagging. Men don’t like ladies nagging, so therefore will result in both of you breaking up.

Take your time , enjoy being single, discover yourself, be happy and that happiness will bring the right and perfect match for you.

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