Why You Should Not Take What Happens In Your Relationship For Granted

Why You Should Not Take What Happens In Your Relationship For Granted

Relationship is what will lead to marriage and relationship is a pre marriage. Our relationship should tell us a lot what’s going to happen in the marriage and we should not be taking things that happens in the relationship for granted. We tend to believe that when we get married everything will change which is very wrong, everything that’s going to happen will start from the relationship. Marriage isn’t a changer and it won’t change anything.

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It’s like saying that your partner used to bed wet, God forbid it and you are expecting it to stop after marriage but how? I don’t understand because nothing has changed. It is still the same you and the same partner, the only difference is legalising and celebrating the union. So why are you expecting your partner to stop bed wetting when nothing has changed

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So when you are in a relationship and you noticed some bad attitude you know you can’t cope with is better you let the person know and if it’s what they are and who they are then move on and don’t hope on a miraculous change after marriage because it’s not going to happen. There is this man that is having problem in his marriage due to his wife lazy attitude to his needs and the need of the family. Most times the husband takes snacks to bed because the wife won’t cook. Always complaining she is tired and can’t cook and she’s not even bothered about her husband and children. The funny thing about everything is, it has been happening since their relationship period but he took it for granted and hoped it will all be different after marriage. Well he was wrong and she’s still the same,now he’s crying for help, he’s lost and miserable, he’s not enjoying his marriage. Something he can avoid and prevent but he took it for granted

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The attitude they exhibit during courtship is the same attitude they will exhibit when married because nothing has happened that can change them. The only time you can be expecting a change of attitude is when maybe he/she was a sinner but he/she now gave his/her life to christ, when this happens then you can expect some changes.

But you expecting changes after marriage is a wrong thing to do because it’s a slim chance that it will happen and if it doesn’t happen and you it’s something you can not cope with then the problem has started already.

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If you are the type that overlook and have been taken what has been happening in your relationship for granted, I will tell you to think about it again. The attitude they exhibit in the relationship, is what they are, who they are and if you understand this, you will know it’s always very hard to change it. Save yourself from a bad marriage today and do the right thing

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