Why You Should not be Afraid to End a Bad Relationship

Why You Should not be Afraid to End a Bad Relationship


It’s always a good thing when our relationships are so very great and making us happy. That’s the kind of relationship most of us wants and like but in case you are in a bad relationship you need to fight your fears, it’s never too late. The most important thing is don’t be scared to quit a relationship that is not adding any value to you. You see people having a great relationship and we get envious and wished it was us but what you failed to see is the price the lady and man has paid. If you are reading this, all I what you to know is that for every good thing you want in life there must be a price being paid. You paid a price in school by reading, preparing, overnight reading just for you to graduate with a good results. So for you to have a good relationship you must pay the price, this will be coming in another article.

When you are going somewhere and you entered the wrong bus, will you be afraid or scared to tell the driver to stop for you immediately you realized the bus isn’t going your way so you can get down. That’s how relationship should be, but I guess most of get scared to tell the driver to stop because we have no destination in the first place, or maybe they have nothing to do at the destination so they just decided to stay and enjoy the ride. Before you get into a relationship, you might not be totally sure to know all about the person or who the person actually is till you get into the relationship. Most of the time we believe we have done our assignment right and that it’s the right person but on getting into the relationship maybe in the next few months it will be great but turned bad later we now discovered some new things we never knew before.

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Below is where the problem starts in full:

1. You just discovered you have entered the wrong bus:

some people discovered early before the bus is so far away and some discovered when the bus is far away, maybe after many years.

2. Now this part is the most sensitive and dangerous part.

You have already discovered that you are in a wrong bus but now you are so scared and afraid to quit which is very wrong. I know it’s not easy, when you look back to the starting point and how far you have gone with the journey, the time wasted, the years wasted, the money wasted and other things I forget to mention, you will feel depressed, down and very sad, you will feel weak.

The main reason you feel like that is, you believe you don’t have the strength to stand and start all over again from the beginning, so you prefer to sit down there to patch it up, to manage it and see if you can change things. When you have already started patching your relationship at this stage when you are not yet married, what do you think will happen if you actually later forced the marriage to happen instead of you quitting. We always make mistakes but its best when we correct our mistakes with the right choice and also learn from our mistakes instead of wallowing in it.

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Here are the positives and negatives

1 The positive thing about you quitting the relationship is, you have made the mistake, you have learnt, it hurts fine but you have more experience and knowledge. “Once bitten twice shy.” you know where you got it wrong, you know how you ended up there, which means the same thing can not happen to you again , you have passed that stage.

2 you should be happy that you are given the opportunity to correct your mistakes, some people don’t have that opportunity and the privilege to do so. They ended up marrying the wrong person and the battle starts right from the day they say yes I do till their death which I know you don’t want it to happen to you. So instead of being down, sad and scared thank God you have the chance and the grace.

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The negatives of not quitting is

1 you have entered the wrong bus and your destination has changed instead of you to quit, you decided to continue with the journey. It’s very certain that you won’t get to your destination and you will be miserable. if you were lucky you did, you might have spent years maybe 30 or 40 years on the road before you finally did get there and that’s if you get there hale and healthy because only God knows the number of war you would have fought and won before getting there

2 if you don’t quit, the years you will spend being miserable in the marriage will be very much more that the years you will spend to put yourself together and get back on track if you quit

Relationship isn’t a do or die affair, change your mindset about relationship. Because you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you must get married to the person. Relationship is for you to test run, for you to see if you and the person are actually compatible because most times you can’t judge looking from the outside but when you get inside the relationship and the person isn’t what he/she said he/she is, you are not happy, you are hurt then the next thing is for you to quit.

Be strong, pick up your broken pieces and move on

You have the control of your destination by the choices you make. I want you to know that there will always be obstacles in life’s journey but choose to see them as challenges to overcome. Don’t get stuck in there like a loser, don’t give up, stand up and move on.

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