Why Accepting Your Blame Improves Relationships



Why Accepting Your Blame Improves Relationships

We all make mistakes, but the wrong thing most people do is not to accept the blame, and the worse is putting the blame on somebody else. If you learn to accept your blame, it will greatly improve you, your life and relationship. Because instead of putting the blame on your partner you will accept the blame which is going to make you and your partner enjoy a healthy relationship,it also shows your maturity.

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Let me give you this example, there was a day I was using my younger sisters laptop, there was light initially and later the light went off and we heard the information that the light won’t come back on because it’s faulty. She told me I should help reserve the laptops battery so she could use it later in the night for her project, I replied ok but I didn’t shut down. Like 30minutes later she came back and saw me still on the laptop, she insulted me and took the laptop away. These makes me very angry and I was hurt but I now thought about it again, it’s her laptop, there is no light, she needs it for her school project. I concluded It was my fault, I was selfish I didn’t think about her, I didn’t put her in mind.

I accepted my blame and immediately the anger and hurt varnished just because I did the right thing of accepting my blame. Come to think of it, I was actually at fault and I know I’m going to do the same she did to me to her if it were to be other way round. So what I’m trying to say is, sometimes we create problems, hatred just by not accepting our blame and most times we are always at fault not the other person but we don’t want to see it or too angry to see it.

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I know it’s very hard for you to accept your blame, it’s not easy but I’m telling you it’s more easier to accept your blame than to put it on somebody else. The following reasons are why you should learn how to accept your blame

1. Self Improvement and Greatness

when you learn to accept your blame, It creates rooms for you to improve because you will learn everyday just to correct your mistake and so that you won’t make the same mistake over again. When you learn new things you don’t know, you are automatically improving yourself to become better and when you become better you will be great. The same thing apply to your relationship, you accept your blame, you improve yourself, you become great and you enjoy your relationship the more. Most great people in life started by learning to accept the blame for their failure, they don’t put it on the economy or government. Emulate this attitude and watch your life and relationship sky rocket.

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2. Peace of Mind

when you learn to accept your blame, you will have peace of mind. You will have inner peace because you won’t be angry at anybody, maybe your wife,husband, friends, and society. When you have peace of mind you will be able to see positive side to every thing in your life.

3. Improves your Relationship and Society

when you accept your blame, it improves your relationship and the society in a way you can’t explain. Because instead of you to put anger on your partner and be harsh to them you will actually show them love and when you show them love, they are happy which in turn to they show others love and that’s how it will spread. Because people don’t want to accept their blame is the reason why most people in Nigeria are angry, anywhere you go to you see people trying to put their frustration on you and this frustrates you also that you put the frustration on the next person you see.

In a relationship, both the guys and girls are bad we all know that and the reason it’s not reducing is because they are not ready to accept their blame. When a guy treats a girl badly and you try to tell him that’s wrong, he will throw it back to your face that when a lady treated him bad were was the person. But does it justify that what he has done isn’t wrong? And ladies too, you break heart for a living and you are happy just because a guy treated you bad but have you blamed yourself for giving your heart to the wrong person. This thing is a matter of choice, you chose him nobody chose him for you, so when he treated you badly you should blame yourself don’t shift the blame to the guy. Listen, I’m not saying the guy has done a good thing, what he has done is bad but I’m telling you he’s also putting the blame on the last girl he dated that treated him bad.

Putting your blame on others worsen the situation and it doesn’t change anything. This is actually because of pride, we are too proud to say I was at fault, too proud to accept we made a mistake. We are human beings, we will surely make mistakes so why proud to accept it. In fact if you don’t make mistakes you will not grow, because you don’t have anything to improve on.

Husbands put the blame on the wives, wives put blame on the husbands, father put blame on the children, children put blame on the fathers. Please tell me who’s now at fault? Present government put blame on the past government, we all keep shedding blames. Hmmm, I don’t think it’s in any law in the world that they should imprison or eliminate anybody that make mistakes, so why are we scared to accept them.

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Learn how to accept your mistakes and watch your life and relationship improve for the best.

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