My Younger Sister Threatens to Leak My Secret


My name is Funmi, I am 29 years old, a mother of two

I have been married for five years running, enjoying my family until I brought my younger sister who is two years younger to come live with us. She is also married but recently, her husband sent her packing because of her annoying attitude of laziness and disrespect for others after being married for three years with a child same year as her marriage.

Growing up, I endured what her husband couldn’t take for she is my only family outside our mother who reside in the village. At my second year in the university , I got pregnant for a guy that denied the pregnancy, being more exposed than me, my younger sister took me to a doctor that gave me some medications which I used to abort the pregnancy.

This has remained a secret between the both of us. She has only stayed for three months and have caused a lot of problems between me and my neighbours.

Recently, she started causing problems between me and my husband so I gave her an option to change her attitude or leave my house. To my greatest surprise, she said “if I don’t let her be, she will reveal our secret of the abortion to my husband “. Am scared of how he might react to it, on the other hand, I want my sister out of my house. What should I do? please help me. I need your advice

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  1. I think immediately the younger lady became pregnant you should have opened up to the older lady about the situation on ground. Just prepare yourself for a messy situation cause certainly the older lady would not want her “investment” to have been wasted.

  2. I don’t think you should be scared. After all, the previous abortion didn’t stop you from bearing children. Tell your husband by yourself before your sister does. We’ve all done things in the past that we are not proud of. If your husband is an understanding person, he will forgive you. After all, he is a proud father of two today. And who knows how many ladies has aborted for him in the past also. It’s better your husband hears your secret from you than from your sister.
    As for your sister, send her packing. She has stayed for just three months and she wants to destroy almost everything in your path, your relationship with your neighbours and your husband. Because you’re family doesn’t mean you should allow her destroy your life as she has destroyed hers.

  3. Tell your husband immediately about your past. And make sure you send your sister packing immediately your husband goes out

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