I Have Been a Good Wife; Am I Wrong For Saving His Life?


I am a mother of two children and they are both in secondary school.

Have been a good wife and mother but my husband told me I can’t be his wife any longer. He asked me to pack my belongings and leave just because I saved his life.

It happened that, one night armed robbers came to our house, we don’t have money and I don’t also have any jewelries that I could give them. This made them very angry, they started beating us, especially mu husband for not having money.

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The said they are going to kill him for not having money, they beat in mercilessly and we’re hitting in with cutlass. They wanted to kill him but he begged them that it won’t happen again and I also joined him in begging them. The robbers accepted the plea but on one condition, that they sleep with me. I refused at first but he started begging me that I should allow them, that I shouldn’t allow them kill him . I had no choice but to accept, they did what they wanted to do and left .

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We were not ok for the remaining of the night, I was crying and in the morning we went to the hospital because my husband was a little bit wounded by the beating. I was not myself also, i was very sad, depressed, angry, I feel like killing myself but I’m happy I saved my husband. But to my surprise 3days after the whole incidence my husband told me to pack my bags and belongings, that I should leave his house. He told me he can’t live with me anymore, I was shocked when he told me this, I saved his life wiith my body but now he has sent me away that he can’t leave with me anymore, he said I’m irritating him.

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Presently now, I have lost my mind, I’m not myself, I hope this won’t kill me. What did I do wrong? Did I make a mistake for saving his life? Should I have allowed them kill him? I hate my life right now

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