Mutual Support: The Backbone Of Relationships


There are a lot of things that make relationships tick. Physical attraction, friendship, teamwork, trust, respect, mutual interests, the list goes on.
But, one of the more important pieces of the puzzle, is mutual support. While you are one, as a couple you are, and forever will be, an individual.
An individual with wants, needs, desires, problems, setbacks, emotions, thoughts, doubts, goals, a family, and a life.
Part of building a successful relationship, is having two people whose support for each other is unwavering.
An ingredient to this recipe, is communication. You’ve got to be able to go to your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/lover/mistress/whatever, with your thoughts and feelings. How will they know to support you otherwise?
If one of you is going through a difficult situation, this is when the focus of the relationship completely shifts towards them.
You absolutely cannot be selfish and simultaneously be a supportive significant other. There is no reward. There is no what’s in it for me? There is just support for someone you care about and want to see happy. Their happiness should be your reward.
Of course, mutual is not to be forgotten here. Each person has to stand behind the other in times of need. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time. We all get thrown curve balls in life, and need support sometimes. We all want to chase after our dreams, and need support sometimes. We all feel discouraged now and then, and need support sometimes. If you’re not feeling supported, encouraged, and empowered in your relationship the first thing to do is to express your concern. If much time passes and nothing changes, the next thing to do is to find someone who will be the person you need, and deserve. Being single is better than being in a relationship where you still feel single. Happy, healthy relationships are formed between two people who are each others safety nets.

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