Love Your Partner But Here Is Why Loving Alone is Dangerous


Love Your Partner But Here Is Why Loving Alone is Dangerous


We all believe love is a paramount thing in a relationship but its wrong. I’m not saying you shouldn’t love your partner, in fact loving your partner is important but not enough. Because some people love their partner but they don’t do what they are supposed to be doing for their partner in a relationship but the relationship still crashed. No matter how much the love you have for your partner is or the love your partner have for you is, if you leave other important things out, the love might turn bad. Love can’t stand alone, it must be complemented with some attributes. Below are some things you must do in a relationship apart from love.

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1. Respect :

don’t take this f or granted in a relationship, it goes along way in making your relationship solid. If their is no respect in your relationship, it can destroy your relationship no matter the amount of love that’s in the relationship. Some people do love their partners but they don’t respect them. It’s not good, it won’t make the relationship last. So make sure you take respect seriously in your relationship and together with the love you have for your partner, it’s like adding gas to a burning fire. I’m sure you know what that can do.

2. Support:

this is another important thing to take very important in a relationship. Basically when you support it shows you love the person. So when you are in a relationship and you claim you love your partner but you are not supporting him/her, well the love is questionable. Actions speaks louder than voice, if you support your partner without telling him/her you love him/her, it won’t have any effect because you are already showing him/her you love him/her by supporting her. So don’t take it for granted

3. Care:

I don’t know about love that doesn’t care, so if you are in relationship and you love your partner, you must care about him/her. No matter how much you love the person or how much the person loves you, if you don’t show care the love will disappear. So can you see why a relationship should be more than love? Because love is just one ingredient in a relationship out of like 4 powerful ingredients.

4. Loyalty:

loyalty is the act of faithfulness. You love your partner but you always lie to him/her, you always cheat on him/her, I’m telling you the love won’t stand the test of time because there will be trust issue and if there is no trust there is no relationship. So if you are the type that isn’t loyal to your partner I will ask you to change your ways because it will affect your love and relationship.

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If one of these things is lacking in your relationship, there is a strong probability that the love in the relationship will disappear. Make sure you act on everything so you can have a lovely relationship. Don’t leave any out of your relationship and you will have a healthy relationship.

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