Know When To Break a Relationship


A lot of us are wagging and dangling in relationships that we should have ended time back.

But for the fear of losing out all the time spent in it, we stuck to it. Worrisome in this regards is that most of these relationships are either dead or dying.

Listen up, a thousand broken relationships is far better than a broken marriage. 6 years gone and lost in a relationship is better than entering a marriage which you are not sure when it will pack up. No matter the years you’ve put in, it is always better to be sure of marriage that will not stop at people gathering to witness you both with fake smiles and dance steps and end up breaking up in no time.

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Funny enough, most relationships are on this pedestal, no real deal, no future, no focus, no drive, no tomorrow, the only hook holding both of you is that you have been together since secondary school. If a man no longer deserves you, walk out and move on even if you have been together before the civil war. I will prefer a girl stays in her father’s house that she is sure of than to leave and go to a man’s house she isn’t sure of.

No relationship will transform into marriage just because it is been a while both of you have been together. Every relationship is strengthened by efforts of both parties, when one person begins to see the other as pestering and ‘super gluing’, then the excitement is dead and buried, the funeral is only been waited.

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Don’t just be around because you have been together for a long time, be around because it is worth it.

I will rather have you end a struggling relationship than stay there just because the other person will feel bad or what people will say.

After speaking in Oleh, Delta state, sometimes ago. A girl walked up to me and gave me this scenario, she said all she needed to say ‘crying’, she was shocked when I told her clearly ‘Young lady, life is beyond what you think, if you go on with this relationship because of self pity or what people will say, when the time come, the same people will look you in the eyes and call you foolish’. I walked away. I got an inbox in March, saying she is pregnant and the young man is no where to be found. I only managed to reply 2 weeks later. She has a fatherless baby girl now.

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He beats you; She doesn’t respect you; He cheats on you; She doesn’t see anything good in you; He abuses you; She doesn’t have value for your family; he is not serious with his life; PLEASE WALK AWAY.

Don’t spend the major part of your life dragging people into what they are not prepared for.

Even if a prophet confirmed him or her to be yours, if he/she is not serious, God still has alternatives. Yes, I said it.

Even God will walk away from a union that is not profitable to Him. Lucifer was God’s best friend, being the head of worshippers in Heaven, God did not hesitate to dislodge him when he became rebellious.

Never allow loneliness, people’s opinion or even length of union to keep you in the arms of someone who does not deserve your presence. If he/she does not deserve your presence, baptised him with a double portion of your absence.

Stop begging people to stay with you, if you think you deserve more, move ahead!

-king Joel AGHO

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