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“If you want to attract an excellent person to you, you must also be an excellent person”   Brian Tracy

Finding ideal partner is everybodyÂ’s dream but not everybody can actually work themselves in finding the ideal partner. They say good things donÂ’t come easy, so is finding the ideal partner.
There is a huge difference between dating/courting and marriage. In marriage there are lots of things that will happen, you have never seen before even in your years of dating/courting and for you to go through it you must have the ideal man/woman for you.

According to Brian Tracy in “create your own future” on how to find the ideal person for you; your choice of a mate in marriage or in a key relationship will do more to determine your overall success and happiness than perhaps any other factor. You probably know lots of people who have worked hard for years to achieve material success in the work world, and then seen it all fall to pieces when the critical relationships with their spouses and children disintegrated for lack of time and attention.

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One way for you to find your ideal mate is the same way that you achieve any worthwhile goal in life. You sit down with a pad of paper and you write out a description of the perfect person for you. As you do this exercise, imagine that you are putting in an order that you are going to mail and the perfect person is going to be delivered back to you, exactly the way you have described him or her.
Take the time to write out every detail. Be sure to describe the ideal personÂ’s appearance, height, weight, and level of physical fitness. Describe the personÂ’s temperament, personality, sense of humour, education, intelligence, and attitude. Be as precise as you can with regard to the persons values beliefs, philosophies, and opinions about the important things in life. The more detailed your description, the more likely you will be to find the perfect person for you.

Read and re-read this description every day. Add new details and characteristics to the description as you think of them. Modify and adjust the existing description so that it is more and more accurate and precise.
Each time you review the description of your ideal person, you program this picture deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. When you imagine how happy you will feel when you are in a relationship with the perfect person for you, this emotional component activates your subconscious mind and triggers the law of attraction. In no time at all, you will draw that person into your life.

Decide What You Have To Offer
The next step in finding your ideal relationship is for you to do an honest evaluation of yourself. One of the hallmarks of the self-actualizing person is that he or she is completely objective about his or her strengths and weaknesses. A superior person has the courage and honesty to see himself as he really is, not as he wishes he could be. He can face the truth about himself.
Make a list of everything that you have to offer in a relationship. What are all your good points? What are the characteristics and qualities that you have developed over the course of years that make you a really worthwhile catch for the ideal kind of person that you want?

Now, be honest with yourself and make a list of the areas where you still have work to do. Are you not as disciplined as you would like to be? Do you not use your time as well as you would like? Are you sometimes  impatient, irritable, or demanding? Write them all down, and then resolve to go to work to improve yourself in each of these areas.
Remember, you cannot attract into your life a person who is very different from the person you are deep inside. If you want to attract an excellent person to you, you must become an excellent person yourself.
Your relationships, especially your most important relationships, will always reflect your true personality, values, beliefs, and attitudes. You will always experience on the outside what you truly are on the inside.

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NOTE: having something to offer in a relationship goes along way in getting your ideal partner. DonÂ’t be surprise if you get a partner that all he/she gives you is sex just because all you have to offer too is sex. Remember birds of the same feather flocks together. So define your goal and you will be shocked on how you are going to achieve it.

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