Change Your Life, Change Yourself and Your Relationship will Change

Change Your Life, Change Yourself and Your Relationship will Change


Change Your Life, Change Yourself and Your Relationship will Change

If you want your relationship to change, to be the best, you must change yourself and change your life. The main problem we are facing in this life is that, we are easy to judge other people, we quickly bring out the faults in other people but neglecting the fault in ourselves like we are perfect.

This happens not just in a relationship, but every relationship. Relationship between boss to workers, husband to wife, friends to friends, father to children. If you want some changes in your relationships, you have to start the change with yourself. Charity they say begins at home. So tell me why you want to start your own charity from outside.

If you don’t work on changing yourself, you won’t have a choice but to keep changing partners.

Many times we ourselves are always the cause of a failed relationship, but we always put the blame on our partner. Why? Because it’s easy to put blame than to accept your fault and blame. Imagine a thief calling another person an armed robber. Yes that’s the kind of life we live in. But I’m telling you now that if you want your relationship to improve, you must first improve yourself, if you want change in your relationship, you must start the change within you. Be true to yourself, search deep down of you, we always know where our shortcomings are just that we always refuse to accept them. If you are tired of being single, tired of going through heartbreak then you must start the steps and actions of self change now.

“If you want to attract an excellent person to you, you must be an excellent person yourself.”

Do you know it’s always hard for the rich to mingle with the poor, you know why? Yes that’s right, they are not in the same class. So if you want the right relationship, the right partner, you must be right yourself. Because the right person out there too is looking for the right person, and if you are not right, he/she will pass you by. So don’t just assume you right, you need to start working on yourself.

Don’t be scared to ask your male or female friends some questions about yourself and tell them to tell you the truth. I know the truth hurts and it might not go well with you, but it’s nothing compared to your happiness and greatness because that’s your ladder to having a better you and also attracting a better person to yourself. Most of the time we don’t tell ourselves the truth, that’s why I didn’t ask you to ask yourself. And one thing we always say to impress ourselves is, “he will take me as I am.” Sorry to say but that’s a statement for losers, it’s just like saying there is no job anywhere let me just be collecting money from people and manage it. Which is so bad! I know some people are okay and contended with that, but don’t blame anyone for your own misfortune.

Think about it this way, you want a good woman/man. But are you good yourself? Or do you think your partner doesn’t want a good partner too? And if you think you and believe that you can make him/her love you or maybe hold him/her down with good sex. Let me tell you this, you will still have yourself to blame when good sex can’t hold him/her anymore, my only hope for you is for it not to be too late before you understand. Sometimes we wonder and admire some of our friends or people around us having a great relationship which we don’t have, but do you always admire the work they have done on themselves. We all want to have a wonderful relationship but we don’t want to make efforts on working on ourselves, we don’t want to change the bad things and behaviour we have. It’s just like we all want to be rich but we all can’t make the extra efforts that can make us rich. Can you see how hard it is to change yourself? Now imagine how hard it will be to change other people.

This is why we have many failed relationships than successful ones nowadays. Everybody wants to be right, everybody is right, no one has to change, no one has faults, everybody wants their partner to take their bad behaviour like that but they want to change their partner. Which is not happening and don’t think it will happen. If you can’t change yourself, work on yourself and change what’s not good about you, how do you want to change other people or change your partner? Tell me, because I don’t know.

This is like a pastor preaching to everybody to leave and be far away from sin but the pastor himself is still living in sin. Can you picture that? Another example is, a lady is telling you to change and stop dressing indecently, telling you to stop exposing your body but the same lady standing in front of you telling you all these is indecently dress. Won’t you feel like to slap her or tell her to shut up? Exactly that’s how it works.

Maybe your partner has pointed out your flaws for you before but you disregarded it because you didn’t see any changes in him/her regarding his/her own flaws. For you to have a great relationship, you must start with yourself. Your relationship start with you. Stop pointing out your partners flaws, point out your own flaws then work on it and yourself to be a better person. Then see how your love story, relationship life will turn around to be the best.

PS: The change in this context doesn’t mean physical change. The change here is the change in your bad habits. Maybe you love your spouse but you don’t respect him/her, or maybe you always take your spouse for granted and so on. These and many more are the changes I’m talking about and you need to work on to have a great relationship

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