Before you Start The Journey Into a Relationship

Before you Start The Journey Into a Relationship

Before you start the journey into a relationship, you need to check yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, morally.

This assessment gives you the right answer for you to know if you are actually ready or not. After assessing yourself, then the next thing is to take up a relationship guidelines just for you to know what to expect and how to handle it. you can’t just wake up to go in blind into a relationship, if you do so, don’t worry the relationship will open your eyes.

Relationship! So many people don’t have the proper knowledge and understanding about relationship with why they need a relationship or why they don’t need a relationship. All what they know is they grew up to meet people having a relationship, hence they followed in the trend without the proper orientation.

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Some gets into a relationship because they feel they are old enough, some because there friends are also in a relationship, some because they want to be able to say yes whenever anybody ask them are you in a relationship, some gets into a relationship to say I love you to someone, just to be with someone, some so that they could get love messages and calls, some is for sexual pleasure. With all these listed, I’m asking you, why are you in a relationship? Are you in a relationship for the right reasons?

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If you can answer this question correctly then you are in the right bus heading to great destination but if you can’t then I will ask you to go take a break from your relationships and go back to the drawing board. If your answers are: because I’m of relationship age, because I love him/her, because he cares for me etc then I will tell you now, you still have the wrong idea about a relationship, if you don’t go back to have the necessary ideas,knowledge and understanding you might get into trouble

Getting into a relationship isn’t by age, a guy of 23 can be in a relationship with proper understanding, knowledge and have a perfect relationship than a 30 years old guy. Can you see its not by age? Whenever people chat me up for advice, I get to see that they don’t really understand what the relationship is all about.

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A lady asked me for advice asking me what she should do, she said Man A is taking care of me but I don’t love him but Man B isn’t working yet but he’s the one I love. This kind of story requesting for advice always get to me, I’m always lost plus confused. The reason is I don’t know where to start explaining from. It’s obvious she doesn’t know anything about relationships because if she does she won’t be keeping partners in her shelf. You met a lady or a guy, after checking him out, knowing everything you need to know about him,knowing everything about relationship, the guy/lady doesn’t fit into what God has planned for you. What you will do is to leave him/her, move on but instead you put him in your shelf consuming the space met for the right person that is coming.

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Let me tell you, this kind of attitude always make people miss their right partner, it can make you miss the right person for you also because your shelf is full of men/ladies that are not right for you, so no space left for the right partner to stay. You can’t keep on keeping them in your shelf. What are you trying to do? Keep the community clean? Hell no, that’s not your job, your job is to find the right person for you.

I will end this article by saying this, don’t go in blind into a relationship, and marriage, marriage is work, also a war zone, you need to choose your partner wisely. You can’t choose your partner by gambling, let me pick one randomly out of five, if you do this then be expecting trouble. Know what relationship is, why you need a relationship, what kind of relationship will suits you, what’s your plan about the relationship, am I ready to get married, to whom, what’s marriage all about, how can I cope, what kind of man do I need.

Do you know because that man is caring doesn’t mean he’s the kind of man that will complement you, just study relationship. You can only do this by reading every good books you see about relationship and marriage, read every good articles you see, attend relationship/marriage seminars, see a relationship therapist, don’t be stubborn, don’t act smart, follow the rules, follow the guidelines, follow advice and the outcome you will get will be the best outcome, people will envy your relationship/marriage but they don’t know you have paid the price.

Lastly don’t forget to read THE BIBLE, that’s the origin of relationship/marriage. In there is what you need to have that heavenly marriage.

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