6 Important Reasons of Compatibility In Relationships


Finding a partner you are compatible with might look like one hard and impossible task, but it’s possible and you will enjoy yourself and your relationship the more when you find compatibility in your partner. Being compatible go a long way in a relationship, there are things you won’t bother to talk, learn or fight about just because both of you think the same way in that aspect. The problem in a relationship/marriage always starts from couples driving in different directions. That’s separation, which is the last thing that will happen in a relationship where the couples don’t see things from the same angle. I’m not saying you will like everything about your partner. What I’m saying is the things you are compatible with will be more than the things you are not compatible in, which makes it easier for smooth communication in your marriage. It means if you both love football, whenever he’s going to watch football, you are also going. Have seen situation whereby the guy/lady will tell the partner that they should go out together and he/she will turn it down and say he/she doesn’t feel like going out. In this case the partner take the other partner has been boring, and you know what that can cause in a relationship. When we are talking about capability, that doesn’t mean that it must be 100%, because I am sure some people are already thinking on how to get outgoing type of guy/girl because they are outgoing to. If you are a full extrovert, the best for you is a 50% extrovert and 50% introvert, if you should go for a full introvert/extrovert or 80% introvert and 20% extrovert it might not go well. You know what they say about birds of the same feather, they flock together because they are compatible. Below are 5 Important Reasons Why Compatibility Is Necessary in Relationship and Marriage

1 The way you see life

I can actually say this is the most important thing of all. Your perspective to life says a lot on how you are going to take life and live life. We have different views to life, according to my personal research to peoples view to life; my question to them is simple. “Life is”. Trust me, I got a lot of answers, I know readers will be surprise because they will be expecting just 1 answer or 2, but according to people
Life is good
Life is hard
Life is beautiful
Life has no meaning
Life is to be enjoyed
Life is not fair
I think I will have to stop there, if I start writing peoples answer to life then I won’t finish this article. With these different views i can now further explain that a man who believes life is to be enjoyed will spend all the money, do everything just for him to enjoy himself and that won’t go well with a lady that believes life is beautiful. Hope you understand me on how compatibility will be a very good added advantage

2  Makes you and your partner a better team

if you are compatible you will definitely be a good team and work together. What we know good teams for is that they achieve results and they don’t fall or collapse easily. If you and your partner are a team, definitely you will know when to come in, when to talk, when to act and you will never leave each other out to burn. There are reasons for it when they tell you to marry your best friend. we all know what best friend do together, they save each other, care for each other, laugh together, get each other from troubles and even gets into troubles together

3 Religious Belief

Have seen people of different religious beliefs dating each other and getting married to each other; a Christian dating a Muslim, a Muslim dating a pagan, all these are not supposed to be. If you know what you are doing and know what you want, you will know it’s just too different for you. One thing you must not joke with when it comes to compatibility is your religion. You must be 100% completely compatible when it comes to religion. When you are going to church, your partner must be going to church too. And one more thing, If you are a very devoted and dedicated Christian, don’t go for a church goer or bench warmer in the church, go for a dedicated and devoted Christian like you. You know why, because you will be in the same level spiritually and not that one partner will be dragging the other partner backward. And when you are in the same spiritual level with your partner, whenever you fall or need a spiritual leading, you fall to the level of your partner not totally to the ground because your partner will be there to support you spiritually, that won’t let you start again from the beginning.

4 Dreams and Vision

I will always mention this everywhere i go, everywhere i am and at any given opportunity i have. You don’t need to rush into marriage because you have a lot of time to spend in it. Marriage is the kind of institution where you spend all your life, you won’t graduate until death, you can only pass each phase and go to the next phase and try your best to pass it too.

“Marriage is like a puzzle, you have to solve one before you go to the next and keep it in mind you will keep solving puzzles. It doesn’t end”  Ajiboye Ifedapo

So in a situation when you know you will be spending the rest of your life with this entity, with this man or woman. Have you thought deeply on how you want her or him to be, look like, think and behave now at present, in the next 5years, 10 years and till death? Many people’s dreams and visions died the day they said yes I do and many more will still die the day they will say yes I do if care isn’t taken. And since we know these or are we just been ignorant to it which is one thing that kills most of us; what we should be on our mind is how not to get in the same situation like others. You don’t need to learn the hard way, use other peoples experience as yours.

What I have been saying since boils down to is that, if he or she doesn’t have the kind of dreams you have, the kind of vision you have don’t get into it. We have situations whereby a woman has the dream of becoming a preacher and the husband turns her into a full house wife and in most situations the husband or wife won’t say anything or tell you what to do but the whole situations and the challenges you face in the marriage won’t allow you to get focus on your dreams or do anything towards it when you are busy fighting unseen battles

5 Compatibility Makes Communication Smooth

Communication is one of the key things in any relationship and marriage. There is a big difference between talking and communicating, you can be talking and not communicating. So no matter what you do, you have to communicate. It’s all in the mind and you have to train yourself for it if you don’t know how to have a good communication. Compatibility brings smooth communication, because you will know how to talk to each other and what to do that will lead to effective communication.


6 Physical Interest Will Fail

When your looks are gone, when the physical interest and attraction are gone and they will go one day, will your partner still be there?

According to Cheatsheet; Compatibility is important because the superficial things that may have initially caught your attention will not last forever. Waist lines expand, hair thins, and skin wrinkles (unless you have the money to hire a really good plastic surgeon). Shared interests and a solid friendship with your partner is what will survive the test of time.

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