21st Century Spoils Marriages, Use the Word of God Instead



21st Century Spoils Marriages, Use the Word of God Instead

Wow, we are in the 21st century that’s cool, computer age where everything is different but let me tell you this. It’s affecting our relationships and marriages in a negative way more than the positive way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying 21st century is not good but what I’m saying is, the way people incorporate it into their lives, relationships and marriages are bad and it’s affecting a negative impact on it that’s why divorce rate increases every year.

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Now it’s not even computer age anymore, it’s not communication age and it was information age before communication age and after computer age which shows all these things are not permanent, they are temporary and will change. But our God never change, he’s the same yesterday, today and forever, he’s words will never change. Why don’t we all follow the word of God for our marriage and relationships, a word that never change, a word they have been using since maybe 3000 years ago, which means it’s has been tested and confirmed and next generations will still use it. Some people even believe what they hear or see on the internet than the word of God. You tell people about how to handle their relationship, they tell you that’s old school, it doesn’t work anymore this is a new generation. Hmmm, new generations and divorce is increasing everyday, children are not enjoying the family love anymore and still we are still imbibing the new generation thing.

Let me tell you if you want a good marriage, it’s better you face and use the word of God. Most men and women don’t even know their roles in marriages anymore, they don’t know what they are to be doing and what they are not to be doing. It’s in new generation they will tell you it’s ok for a lady to ask a girl out, they will say relationship now is 50/50, even some ladies even go to the extent of them taking 70 and leaving the remaining 30 for the guy. It’s written in the bible

” He who finds a wife findeths a good thing.” I have not seen, I have not read and I’m still looking for “She who finds a husband finds a good thing.”

This God created us, he knew and know us. He knew that there will be 21st century, he knew there will be computer age. I guess that’s why he never changed his words so we can know the difference and the authentic words. In genesis, Adam was alone, doing all the work alone, in the garden all by himself, well he’s not the one that complained to God that he needs an helper, it was God that noticed it himself which shows God has created man to be strong alone. So God said I will find him an help mate, can you see that, “HELP MATE.” God didn’t say I will find in someone that will be in charge, someone that will control him, someone that will do all the work, he didn’t even say someone that can share the work with him 50/50. Wait let me back this up with the verse

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 “And the lord God said, it’s not good that a man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” genesis 2:18

So when you follow the word of God in your relationship, you will have peace of mind and when you get married you are 100% sure your marriage is secured. As a lady when you are in a relationship, the guy claims he loves you but you are the one doing everything, my sister the word of God is not working in you. If you fail to allow the word of God works in your relationship, and you get married and started having problems, you are on your own and can’t blame God for it.

“And the man will leave his parents and cling onto his wife.” if he’s not clinging onto you and you are the one clinging onto him, you are on a wrong path. You have taken up the his work which is not meant for you. I’m not saying as a lady you must stress your man, or be harsh to him, what I’m saying is supporting him doesn’t mean you should take up his duties. It’s the man’s duty to provide and lead the woman.

One good quality of a leader is to check up on his followers, and if you are checking, you check through phone calls, check through text messages, by going over to your followers house and so on. The followers in this context is the woman. And when he’s checking up on you it’s good for the woman to reciprocate with love, it will be bad for me to visit my followers at home and is hostile to me, that to me means she doesn’t want me around. Or maybe I called her three times, she didn’t pick and didn’t bother to check up on me through text, call or visits for the past two days to know if I’m ok.

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Some people do this to and it’s very wrong, I can tell you that if this should happen to you then you are single

“Husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” Ephesians 5:25

“So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no man ever yet hated his own flesh but nourisheth it and cherisheth it, even as the lord of the church.” Ephesians 5:28-29

Wonderful passage, for no man hated his own body but cherish it and nourish it. The nourishment for relationship is communication, and when he’s not doing that, it’s good you let him know and if he’s not ready to change then you move on and wait for the right man who knows and ready to follow Gods words instead of you now taking up the job. It’s just a ladies job to assist, support, and help, it’s not to take up the man’s job. It’s better you go with a man that allows the word of God to guide him, to be his fortress because he already knows his roles and he’s ready to play it. Now to the ladies, your role is to submit to your husband , to help him. Most ladies find it hard now to submit to a man and that’s we have many broken homes. God created us, he knows what will work for us and he has laid down the rules for us, it’s a written script our job is just to read it and start acting. Even if we don’t submit to God our creator, he’s always leave us to our decisions, he doesn’t force himself on us, there must be submission.

There is nothing like 50/50 or its the new generation, your role is to take care of your husband, prepare him delicious meal, take care of the home, launder is clothes , listen to him, follow his commands, put him first and so on. And with all these things, he can also support and assist you but not share it with you or him taking all of it up. Don’t let 21st century take away our happiness in relationships and marriages. Don’t let us neglect the words of he who created us, don’t put yourself in shackles. Some men are not ready to do their roles, tell them now if you are single and if they are not ready to change you move on, and the ladies that are not ready to play their roles too, tell them and if no changes you move on and if you are already married and facing this challenges, I greet you take heart, go to God in prayers there is nothing impossible for him to do, tell him you are sorry and he should correct your mistake.

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We must all be ready to play our roles and part, that’s the way it can work. A man saying I love you but I don’t know how to provide or I don’t like calling, and a lady saying I love you but I don’t like submitting is like saying, I’m a christian but I don’t like going to church, then you are not yet a serious christian. I hope you understand this Some people don’t even know their roles, they don’t know what they should do or not, if you fall into their hands, it’s your challenge and cross, carry it. God will help you

I can continue because I still have a lot to say but I got to know that, no matter how long I write and how short I write the ones that will understand will and the ones that won’t understand won’t. It’s my job to guide but I can’t make you understand, many are called but few are chosen. All I want to see is a happy home, happy family, happy wives, happy husbands, happy children, happy individuals and a happy society

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