Love Happens


Love happens.

You don’t have to struggle in searching for it.

Your heart tells you when you find it.

My heart is telling me i have found it.

Truly i have

i know.


Good things don’t come easy.

Like every good thing that don’t come easy

it has an hoard that i must jump.


I have fallen for her

I don’t know if she feels the same.

I sense it in her smile,

the way she talks to me.


I will take caution

she is the friendly and jovial type.

Like all ladies her kind,

you cant read her smile for crush

its a lifestyle.

I would love to be her special one,

the same time i don’t want to spoil our friendship

her kinds are hard to come by.

Lord help me.


you know she is the one i have been praying for

Let her know how i feel deep inside.


please make this one happen.

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