Every society is made up of two sets of people.
The conquerors and the conquered.
Lagos city is not left out of this.

Lagos means different things to different people.
To the Conquerors it is the home of dreams
To the Conquered, it is the upside-down city
Where everything don’t follow the natural order of things.

Everyone to them and everything seem to be in haste and they are still wondering why They are yet to catch up on the buzz
That make Lagos busses and traffic
As if one is Expecting a war.

It takes insanity to survive in lagos
If not, how can a normal human being
Leave his house by 4am in the morning
And return back by 10pm in the evening.
The next day repeat thesame routine as if consuming the pages Of his favourite magazine?


Some people dont even know their neighbors, Or the the face of their landlords . What about bonding with their loved ones, its toomuch to ask of a person who is always in a rush.

You cant differentiate day-life
From night-life
Lagos is 24-Hours on a move
It gives you no time to Snooze.

They wail and complain
While the beauty in this routine
pass them like an aeroplane.

For the conquerors
They grow and erupt
Where the conquered see errors.

Everyday they adapt to the Rush
And chase busses like they are riding a horse.

Inside the bus
They make connects And new neighbors
from conversations
That leads to business rush.

Where the conquered see insanity
They see a community
Bound in unity
Biult by Oneness In husle Spirit.

Despite their busy schedule
And moves to get more dough
Conquerors create time to be there
For their family and neighbors Owanbe
On Aso-Ebi.

Where the conquered see a culture
Different from their Mother culture,
Conquerors Learn the Yoruba Language And adapt to eating Ewa-goin, Ewariro, Eforiro, Gbegiri, Ogi, Ofada Rice, Wanke, Ewedu, Amala, and other beautiful foods Lagos offer.

Where the conquered see pain
Conquerors count gains
Letting nothing stop them not even the rain.

Are you seeing Lagos as an upside-down city?
Its time to change your mind.

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